Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doing what we do best

It took less than a total of 24 hours after my friend Celeste and I sent our big kids back to school for us to pick up right where we left off,

on some beautiful winding mountain side. Summer may be over for the kids, but the sun has plans to blaze through the rest of her days. Staying in the shaded canyon is as nice as waterfall mist.

Orion and Thomas have had some major withdrawals this summer with everyone's busy schedules but here they are back in sync.

Hiking away to the beat of Thomas's tambourine. Chewing on rose-hips and smelling the ever so fragrant squaw brush.........mmmmmmmmmmm

I may have had waterfall mist on my mind for I knew our trail was taking us straight to it.

Got here right in time to see the sun pop up over Battle Creek Falls.

Which means that refreshing waterfall spray will stay just that while we play in the sun.

These boys are always ready to play, climb, pick, throw, and came home covered head to toe in dirt. Which is proof alone of their good times.

On the way back down we ran into a man who thought I was between the ages of 16-18. He was pretty floored when I told him 29! I made sure to tell him thank you for the early birthday gift being that I will be 30 in less than two months. I wanted to take a picture of myself to see what the man saw...... I don't see it. I have come to the conclusion that being in the photo with Orion MUST age me :)

All of a sudden the kids being back in school doesn't seem so bad. What a easy breezy life I lead.

Thank you to the best hiking buddies - Celeste and Thomas. See ya tomorrow?


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh me oh my how i miss you, and how i selfishly wish i were in celeste's place today!!! what a dream. that waterfall rules. i want to walk and talk with you all day with our littluns running amok. orion and thomas are the cutest little buddies. i hate to think the stories and "movies" i'm missing out on each day i'm away from oey. for some reason i am missing you all crazy bad today. i send you love love and more love. and happy feet up sweet mountain paths.

Mikie said...

Amy, i know the feeling about people not believing our age. I think it's because we love sunshine, vegetarian food and wonderful company, keeping us young forever! :) I love you. Going through your blog with Amber right now, having a lovely time of missing you and the family.

Glory Watts said...

What a fun little hiking buddy. And what a beautiful hike! Wish we could be chewing on rose hips with you. Ruby and I can hike to Walmart, that's about it ;) I miss the mountains. The whole age thing is funny. I never can guess someone's age, but Paul is actually quite good at it. It doesn't surprise me that someone thought you looked like a teenager, it happens to me too. And of course it happens to Mikie! Nice chatting with you today Amy!