Wednesday, August 31, 2011

our summer fabric

is started with playing on the sandy shore of Lake Tahoe with our cousins

father and son chats

braid in a little of the theatric

back where we were homespun - Placerville, California

the silver sparkly thread will have been made by these lovely dancing reindeer brothers

the softness that can only be added by nana

the richness comes from mother earth - Yosemite

"Do not come and roam here unless you are willing to be enslaved by its charms.

Its beauty and peace and harmony will entrance you.

Once it has you in its power, it will never release you the rest of your days." - Gordon Wallace (read The Last Season!)

"The blessings of one mountain day,

whatever his fate,

long life,

short life,

stormy or calm,

he is rich forever." - John Muir

this is a family favorite - Vernal Falls, or better known as the Mist Trail. even as kids, every year my sibs and I would quickly unpack the Suburban as soon as we pulled into our campsite so we could run off and be cooled in the downpour of mist.

and after much hiking, treats and swimming are in order

the family thread is the most thick and sturdy. gathered around the campfire to hear my dad tell stories of my ancestors

sisters have a special thread of their own, it keeps the family thread in line

bliss in our fabric is a dusty pink, and being kissed under the stars by my very tired lover

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it." - Confucius. have you ever noticed the new growth on trees? and if so, have you ever felt how perfectly soft it is?

my growing fabric grows with my girl

the fabric and trees are one and the same

can't have one without the other

the magic and wonder

ahh the roots.... what are the roots in your life?

and what is life without a little new age fun - midnight showings

me and my mini-me

Merry and hers

and it all comes back to family

and nature - aunt Heather and one of her favorite river spots

green and dreamy

"I wish I knew where I was going. Doomed to be carried of the spirit in the wilderness, I suppose." - John Muir


Harris Family said...

Love John Muir! Looks like you had a fun summer- cant wait to get back to cali- we missed our chance this year!!

Sarah said...

All the best places in the world. And a thousand times better with family. Great pictures. Love all those people, too.