Wednesday, September 14, 2011

last weekend of freedom

like any awesome parents we wanted to PARTY it up on the last weekend before school started, and thanks to the cheapness of CityDeals we booked a room in Park City and lived it up like kings ... old-school style

three to a bed

Orion is a big fan of "cheers," which fits in with our high rolling ways

but the pool, in this old and ever-so-groovy hotel, was of course the highlight!!

oh yeah

little fish

bella, you shouldn't have

some can only swim for so long - ok, so it's just me - but i really wanted to walk around town, Park City's Silly Farmers Market was going on.

one would think she was having a heart-freeze-attack, but no... she is struggling to hold her smile while i fumble with the camera

bad pic, but our only one of our very first taste of grilled PB&J - mmm

classic cars are very suiting on a summer's day

Jarom's tank and the can of Pepsi Throwback also seem to go hand in hand

embracing their freedom

and this one jumps for joy that school is starting

i'm struggling here, not wanting to blog that is. this is my attempt at starting back up and hoping i can catch the blogging bug. hate hate hate feeling so far behind.


whit said...

I love park city. So beautiful! Kiss those sweet little ones for me!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh man bella's dress and whole persona is killing me...straight outta "meet me in st. louis," i think pink and white stripes are my favorite fashion look in the whole world. you guys know how to party it up...i wanna swim, eat ice cream, and toast to the joys of life with you guys so bad! hope you keep blogging every tiny make me smile, laugh, and grasp my heart with glee. love you!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh and jarom's muscle shirt RULES!!! what a rockstar.

dolly, teddy, and tyler, naturally said...

dont feel behind on blogging :(

life is real, you enjoy it...
but i do know how organizing one's thoughts is the equivalent to examining one's life-
i intend to do better as well.

love that last pic of bella.