Friday, September 30, 2011

mommy daughter date + best friends

Bella and I are lucky enough to have our best friends Michelle and Brianne right across the street from us. Brianne is also the only girl in her family besides her mom Michelle, which is only a tiny reason why we get along so well. So whenever something uber girly comes around we all jump on it. Our latest girls night ended up being an overnighter far from home, and the girls even got to miss school. We traveled down to the tip of southern Utah to the Tuacahn Amphitheater. And when I say amphitheater, I mean a natural red rock one - AMAZING! So it was outside in the oh-so-warm night air with the stars twinkling overhead in the middle of nowhere (Ivins, UT).

Best friends - Bella and Brianne

The play that brought us here - The Little Mermaid!!

In our seats soooooo excited, and if we would have known how over-the-top, crazy amazing it was going to be, we would have been jumping up and down on our seats. I had heard great things about it, but I just thought, yeah, The Little Mermaid, of course it's good. Little did we know about effects... Just imagine - the lights turn on, and there in the distance you see a waterfall which begins to flow toward you, cascading over the red rock and then it hits the stage!!!! and then cascades over that!! It started with that and ended with fireworks - I'm not joking. And all the inbetween was just as jaw-dropping, and completely just lovely and entertaining. I was SHOCKED!! I still sit here stunned thinking about it. I could never have imagined anything so well done. Going into this I thought we were paying a little much for a children's play but by the end I was thinking we did not pay enough - now that's a rare treat.

Bella and the glimmering bronze King Triton!!

P.S.: Next year they are doing Aladdin and I'm bring the whole fam. You just might want to meet us there.


moonshinejunkyard said...

wow! that sounds so fun and exhilerating, and what a perfect place to enjoy it all. you lovies deserve it. and bella's new haircut is so fresh and cute!

Suzana said...

how fun! i wanted to see that but didn't get a chance before we moved. i bet those little girls are still talking about it. :)

Lisa said...

Wow Amy that looks amazing!