Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day of Rest

Well maybe it was not a day, but it sure was a full afternoon and evening.

I just may be waking up to these dirty dishes in the sink, something I usually hate. But not tonight. I'm in love.

My honey took care of kids and made a healthy fulfilling veggie meal.
I sat and read. Finished a book actually. I updated my goodreads and Matt made dessert.

He even cleared the table!!! Which is not all that rare to receive three exclamations points, but I'll be honest. It's pretty darn exciting that he is just going strong like the energizer bunny.

And now my perfect man is simmering his homemade tomato sauce, all fresh from the garden and putting kids to bed at the same time. And here I sit typing away........
Tonight's snuggle will include some garlic stained hands and a new book for me.

p.s. my editor just checked my blog for me and was all over that dirty dishes picture, claiming he was just going to do those!! He is emptying the dishwasher right now..


moonshinejunkyard said...

oooh i wanna know what book you finished...and what you are starting tonight. i was all alone without my honey as he works on sunday nights. i went up to apple hill to watch the sunset all by my lonesome, the night was sweet, the sky was pink, and i modeled 2 dresses and picked up fallen pears and pretended i lived on an orchard. then i came home and grilled up fresh squash gifted to me, and some onions and peppers and made myself some fajita style tacos. yum. then i did all my dishes and came to sit here at my computer. home life is sweet. matt is a real winner, i must say. everyone in the world knows it. you are the grandest lil family on earth. LOVE YOU!!! enjoy those cookies for me m'kay? you know i'd eat the whole pan, or maybe it would have been the whole bowl of dough.

dolly, teddy, and tyler, naturally said...

amy! i made cookies too, last night.
i think our dinner of lemon cukes, rainbow beets, and string beans sufficed..... (i.needed.a.damn.cookie)

the sauce looks so good!
im not there yet, but i have this tomato soup recipe that uses about 8 cups per recipe, so a bunch of tomatoes get consumed rather quickly. we should recipe swap, you gardening fool. love you!

whit said...

You guys are the cutest couple. I'm so glad you blog so I can keep up on your sweet family! And I wish you were here too. We'll just have to settle for being the best of friends who live far apart. :)

Heather said...

fun -
love the cleared table . . . i need to work on that