Tuesday, November 18, 2008

big baldy

We've been having incredible weather here, so over the weekend we decided to hike up Big Baldy on Mount Timpanogos.

Here we are, starting up the trail through Dry Canyon. Snowcapped Timpanogos is way way above and behind us.

hugging a ledge

momma and the baby boy -- the limestone cliffs we walked past were pretty amazing

the late sunlight broke on us through the arched little forest

in a meadow of wheatgrass (bluebunch?), which Bella collected along the way

Jarom in the wilderness (see how the sunlight's diminishing?)

the three amigos

it's a beautiful trail

this is me looking down once we started the steep switchbacks up the actual ridge

a formidable group

stormin the trail

there's Big Baldy, our destination, way up there ahead of us!

Sunset over the valley/ We hiked as best we could, watching the sun light up Big Baldy, but as soon as it disappeared in the west, we knew we had only a bit of twilight to hurry back down the trail. So we turned around. We got about a mile and a half up. It was only a tiny bit disappointing, because everything else was so grand and beautiful and wondrous. We'll be back to summit this one again soon.

beautiful view looking back through Dry Canyon, with Utah Lake, the Lake Mountains, and the Oquirrhs drifting behind it all

So, true to form, I lost my beanie halfway up the trail. Then I lingered back, helping Bella on the way down, and I hear Jarom shouting out from a few hundred yards ahead of us, "Dad! We found your beanie!" Here's Amy wearing it, and Oey watching Bella and me barrel down towards them.

Jarom in the hazy waning daylight. Jarom collected rocks, Bella collected wheatgrass, and I collected a few sturdy sticks.

Here's our valley as we made it back to the trailhead.

Poor Oey had been sitting in a cloth diaper (my fault), and those things don't hold water as long as a disposable. We pantsed him before getting back in the car.

poor kid


heather said...

what a beautiful hike! i love these pictures so much. my favorite is the three kids rambling along the trail in a row. i also love amy in your beanie, so beautiful, and cutie oey so curious about the whole experience.

in the "formidable" one it looks like jarom is leaning in to kiss orion on the head! pretty cute...also i love the one with the arched forest, the light, and jarom's face and the way you are holding bella's hand while examining some strange bit of nature...i love it. i hope you have read emerson thoroughly. your pictures capture that spirit perfectly.

Momma said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous memorable day. I can't believe how beautiful all the pictures are. What time did you leave in the morning? Did it take all day? As usual you always do the most fantastic things with your precious little family. What memories and good times you are creating. I love you all so much, Nana

Glory Watts said...

Holy cow Amy, you look just like Merry in the first picture of you (I think it was the first one) So glad you could sneak in another hike while the weather was nice. You guys get the award for most hikes hiked this year, Congratulations! I'll present you with a gift when you come visit us in St. George... can't wait!

Totally loving the picture of the 3 kids all in a row walking down the path, that one needs to be put in a frame and hung on a wall.

What a beautiful place Utah is!

Heidi Daniels said...

Wow a hike in mid-november, fun! We can't do that here, the rain is here to stay! We'll try it in April when it's gone. Poor Orion! I always feel bad when kids have accidents. But more props to you for using cloth diapers!