Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jarom's Birthday Party!!!

Jarom's birthday party at The Little Gym

They got an hour lesson of playing

Jarom doing the slip and slide

rolling into the hole

All the girls on the bars

didn't realize how much bigger jarom is until this picture


this is what oey did during the whole play time

getting ready for cake, everyone needed a drink after all that running around

The classic blowing out the candles on his scooby doo cake, his birthday wouldn't have been complete without it.

I was worried about having this huge cake with only ten kids and a few adults, but silly me. We made short work of it.


Sweet little angelic Oey just sat there patently waiting for cake, didn't even make a peep when others were starting their second piece and he was still waiting for his first.

Jarom loved all of his presents but that one is his new best friend.

He was so cute and excited to go home and play with all new his new toys so he hurried and packed them all up on his own! Everything worked out so wonderful. It was such a great time for Matt and I to make all his dreams come true, even if it was only for a few hours.


Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

What a good mommy! FUN! Did he come with the idea for a gym party? Very cool! Looks like a perfect day!

Life on Pelican Street said...

How fun! It would have been hard for me to restrain myself from gettin in there and wraslin around with the all the kids. Jarom looked like he had a great time! Oey is hilarious, I see he woke up for the cake...smart boy!

Sarah said...

What a cool place to have a party! That is perfect for kids. How old is Jarom now?

heather said...

i can't believe how big and tall jarom is! six years old, unbelievable how time flies. i remember SO VIVIDLY the day he was born (night actually) and it makes me kinda want to cry. i am overwhelmed with love for that amazing kid and thank goodness he got to have a rad birthday party from his sweet parents who know so very well what he loves! it looks like everybody had a great time. i love oey's gorgeous fresh skin in the sleepy picture and bella looks so adorable in her cutie hair decoration - did you make that amy? Anyway what a great day and a neat place. I love the action shots of jarom and the girls on the bars. so so fun. happy birthday to a seriously brilliantly spectacular boy!

Paul and Rachel said...

That was a fun party! Thanks for letting Dax and London share in it! They love your kids so much. Oey's sleeping picture reminds me of a baby picture of your dad that's at Grandmaleen's house. He's definitely a Grandpa's boy, so cute!

Heidi Daniels said...

I bet they all slept good that night! Happy Birthday Jarom! I can't believe how old he is! Well, like I'm one to talk, Leena is 7.

Anonymous said...

You two are awesome parents!! It is always the best feeling ever, when your parents make your dreams come true. Looks like they had a lot of fun! You guys are the best!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday to Jarom! What a fun party!!

Glory Watts said...

Happy Birthday Jarom! I can't beleive he is 6! He looked like the happiest kid in the world at his party. The scooby doo cake looks yummy.

I like the picture of little Oey, he is such a pretty little boy! I wonder why ;)

Momma said...

What a wonderful party! Happy Birthday my precious little Grandson. I love you so much! Nana

Harris Family said...

Love the long update!! Your family is so cute. wasn't the weather nice! Now we have snow just in time for christmas. We were in las vegas/st george around thanksgiving too. Merry Christmas you guys!!