Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let the Gingerbread festival begin!!!!

oh yeah, dancing the night away!

Crown swiping

bashful Bella

Cute little cottages

huh- gingerbread house (Independence Hall)


Cuteness at its finest

Going once, going twice, 25.00 bucks- Sold? This is the house Matty made for our school Farrer. The art class decorated it!


Bella's Rainbow Brite house

Cookie decorating time

Making gingerbread

Jarom and his spider house


heather said...

This is SO cute and fun! I love how the kids' houses each match their personalities. I can't believe that the one mattie made for the school got sold for $25! A hefty purchase, huh?! what a fun event this was, where was it held? I can't believe how christmassy everything already is. Is it cold there? The kids look very snuggly and Amy I LOVE your sweater.

Life on Pelican Street said...

Gingerbread festival!!!!! That’s it were moving to Utah. You guys find the funest things to do with your kids…I’m jealous.

Paul and Rachel said...

We had so much fun with your family. The singing lady was the best thing of the night though, too bad we didn't get a picture of her. By the way, I'm way excited to go to Park City this weekend!!

Heidi Daniels said...

I know, that's so much fun and exciting! I bet the kids loved it! I can't believe christmas is so close, but ti's always fun to go and do neat things to kinda get an early jump on it. You and Rach look great - as usual! I swear, no one would've guessed you've had 3 kids, and Rach has had 4! Good lookin' women!

The Reyes said...

That is awesome! What I want to know is how you find out about all these fun things!!

Maria said...

I haven't made a gingerbread house since High School. The festival looks super fun!! You are always out doing stuff!! You need to come up to SLC soon!

Glory Watts said...

I love all the gingerbread houses! Did Matt make his gingerbread from "scratch" again this year? How awesome that you could go with Rachel and her kids. What's this about going to Park City!? I want to come!!

Momma said...

What a fun and festive event! Mattie that was so sweet of you to make the gingerbread house for the class. I bet yours was organic and had all very healthy ingredients! I would have bought if myself! You all looked like you had such a fun night! What a precious family and school and life you all have. I love you to pieces! Nana