Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Ramblings

Waiting for their cousins to arrive at farm country

I loved these little chicks, so fluffy!

Doing the Cake walk-Oey, Jarom, Bella, Dax and London!

Waited in line for a good 20 minutes to get these wonderful balloons from the clown. Oey ended up popping Bella's by biting it.

We had Dax and London sleep over and walked to the Bakery in the morning. The girls picked out little cute doughnuts while the boys just wanted the biggest ones.

Then we walked to the farmers market with all 5 kids. This is my hotsytotsy honey.

This just so happens to be my birthday. We drove all day to Bend OR. Not the most fun thing in the world. But I saw a sign that said pumpkin milkshake and had to have one ( it ended up tasting too pumpkiny- I know, who would've thought). But the kids on the other hand had better luck. I gave them both a quarter, I was feeling generous - remember it was my birthday. And what do you know? They both get a orange gumball, which just so happens to be the lucky color to win ice cream cones.

The free ice cream tasted way better than my shake!

Another stop on the way. Matt and I were just cracking up over Oey and his awesome sweats (thank you Addie). It was an all too familiar look, the name Papa comes to mind.

Hurray- we finally made it.

Rowan, Jenny and Dana came to greet us first thing in the morning. Jenny had gotten Row and Bell matching shirts. We got to walk around beautiful Bend. It was the perfect fall day.

All the kiddos

Jenny and Dana took us out for a birthday lunch!! Dana surprised me with ice cream and a brownie plus one candle to blow out! Happy birthday to me!

We drove up pilot butte and played and took in all the views and some good ole fashion jumping around fun.

Matt's turn. Dana thought this was too dangerous!

Family picture in front of the sister mountains, too bad they looked washed out in the photo so you can't see them.

Again, my handsome husband with the wind blowing his curly hair.

Get ready, set ---

Jump! Was this one too dangerous too Dana?

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Last but not least! This is why I came to Bend for my B-day, was to see my sister in her first play in over a decade. SO worth it!! I was blown away and died from laughter. In the play she was the young other woman. I guess back in that day it was hot to have grandma hair. btw, she just found she will be in another play with a huge role- she gets to dance on a table!! It opens New Year's Eve. I'm going to try and make it there!!- Who's with ME!!?

Next day we went to visit my brother Rustin in Baker City, OR. Maya and Bella.

Here's their lovely family

Making Halloween cookies.

Bella made a million

And that's what Jarom made.

This is him delivering them to neighbors. They fell several times.

We ran out of counter and table space.

Matt took the kids to a 3D funhouse, I don't remember what I did.

Inside- oooo- aaaaaaaaaahhh, feel like I missed out!

This has been my form of exercise for the last couple weeks. We get so many leaves. And the kids always love to help.

Free falling

It was really fun to see Oey try and walk around with his little short legs.

Matt's mom came to town and brought Joey and Emily. Always the best treat to have family in town! We feed the duckies. Everyday things that Nana never gets to do with the kids. So it made it really special. She also worked in Jarom's class one day.

oey and nannie

Nana loves to spoil the kids, and we love her all the more for it!! I went in the house for just a moment and came out just in time to see all of them chasing down the ice cream man. It was a great sight.

Joey and Matt, rocking away, the real star of it is Emily though. It is so fun to watch people who are good at this game.

Pumpkin carving party.


In order- Joey and Emily, Michelle and Bennett, and ours. We were really proud of it.

On Halloween we went to Matt's work to jump start our trick or treating. Oey didn't like his dad's new look at all. poor fella.

Link, our very own hero!!

Oey stealing candy. The kids don't mind. We all think he is the cutest thing ever and I'm starting to see we have created a spoiled baby, and it scares me- but it has stopped me. We will be in for it!

The gang!!

This is just like deja vu. Bella and Jarom had to be the same things as last year. We did update Bella's dress though. And now all three of them have worn the Bee!

I love trick or treating just as much as the kids. It's so fun!!

Nana came too.

Jarom, so pleased to get a magic tree house book from the used book store. Matt reads those books to the kids every night.

Running door to door.

Walking home! Hope you made it through the 2 hour blog. Love you all!!! xoxox


Life on Pelican Street said...

Happy Belated Birthday Amy!! It looks like you had a great time celebrating it!

Oh man if Ben sees this post with Matt’s handle bar mustache, he’s going to want to grow another one…heaven help us.

heather said...

MADE IT THROUGH???? i'm in heaven. that was so fun to see all the pictures from bend and baker city. amy you have such a way with words, especially when paired with pictures, i was laughing so hard i was crying at the pic of oey in his sweats with that "all too familiar" look! so good. and then the pictures of bella and jarom with the cookies they made; i love how meticulous bella is with her little cutie concentrating adorable and girly. and then jarom scooting along to deliver his prizes to the neighbors. great job! i love all these fallish photos, the leaves are gorgeous and oey is just the cutest thing and a whooollllle lotttaaa love won't ruin him, it will just make him a happier well adjusted human being! yeah for too much love!!! you are the greatest amy thanks for this, it made my day! now i can go do the boring stuff knowing you guys are over there being wonderful.

Carrie and Brandon Petersen said...

So fun. I have been wondering where you disappeared to Forever! I would love to go see Jenny in a play with you in January... Let me know the details. We took Amelia trick or treating and she loved it. Happy Birthday Amy I hope you got my text. We need to go out to dinner. Let me know when you are free. Next week I have Tues. or Thurs. night free... I still want to make our magnets as well... Let me know if you can sometime soon.

Heidi Daniels said...

Oregon is the worst state to drive through! I've done it many times, cause I'm one state above it. And there literally is a city called Boring! How fitting! It's south of Portland. Leena loves the magic tree house books! They're fun to read too! Glad you guys had so much fun!

Kimberly said...

That has to be the most eventful post I have ever seen, even for you guys. I think it is great that you were able to go to Bend to see Jenny in her play. I was really surprised to hear that she was even in a play. I might have to go down with you. That would be fun. I have yet to visit Bend. Anyway, your kids look great on the new and improved blog. I really love that pic of Jarom. He is going to break alot of hearts. I love ya!

Glory Watts said...

Yet another fun filled month for the Beatty family. You guys are the only ones I know who would drive all the way to Oregon just to stay for one day! Jenny told me about your rough car ride home, no fun!

What a good supportive sister you are to be there for Jenny. Unfortunately the only way I'll be visiting Oregon is by plane, it's possible though. I'm glad you had a good birthday and that your inlaws could come visit you guys. How fun that you could have Dax and Londyn over for a sleep over. I bet your kids loved that.

I LOVE the pictue of Bell standing by herself in the porch light.

Matt's costume is totally awesome!!
love you guys!

Heather said...

thanks for sharing Amy - I thought it was funny Oey didn't like daddy's new look. Olivia does the same with me ...

Momma said...

Amy thanks for giving us a slice of your sweet life there in Provo. I was so happy to get to share a few days with you all. Those cookies were the best I've ever tasted as I told you a few times. I had so much fun. I've been sad to come home and leave you. The next two days working at the Library every little kid I heard calling or crying kept sounding just like my grandbabies and I had to stop to remember they weren't here with me. Also lots of moms coming in the door with their little ones made me do a doubletake and remember - no that can't be Amy and the babes. I love your life there in Utah and am so happy for you all to be there in that beautiful Fall setting in your darling home. But I do miss you so. Love you so so much, kisses to my grandbabies (you guys too), Love, Nana

Maria said...

Wow, so many fun pictures all at once! I hope you had a great birthday! It was fun seeing Matt on Sat. we wish we could of seen everyone! Let us know when you are free, we want to have you up for dessert or something!

Adie B said...

Ames- I am with you to go see Jenny in the next play! I don't know if I can go EXACTLY on NY Eve, but we shall see! I didn't realize you put up all these new pics! Did you add them to your last blog? I just kept seeing the blog had the same name "Fall Ramblings" and so I didn't re-check to see all the new stuff!
How fun that must have been to see Jenny! And Rowan and Dana and Rustin and fam..... Wish I was there.
See you soon....

Paul and Rachel said...

Hey Aim! I loved all the fun pics! Also the petroglyphs in your top family pic are awesome! I would love to know where they are. You all are so cute. You inspire me to blog, I'm way behind because I can't figure out my Mac yet. We love you and hope to see you soon. If you are in town for Thanksgiving April and Stephy will be here visiting so lets try to all get together! Love you! By the way, the Tilapia dream dinner was great! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

yay!! Happy Belated B day! Looks like you had a ton of fun! The kids look so cute in their costumes!!

Nadia said...

SO MUCH FUN! I love Bella's red hair! You have such a cute family. For a moment I thought Matt was playing a real guitar and told Shawn "you should go play with him" since he plays too...anyway, then I realized it was the game.

The Hockmans said...

I can't get over Matt's hair, I love it. And of course, your lovely family. Happy birthday girl.