Tuesday, November 18, 2008

big baldy

We've been having incredible weather here, so over the weekend we decided to hike up Big Baldy on Mount Timpanogos.

Here we are, starting up the trail through Dry Canyon. Snowcapped Timpanogos is way way above and behind us.

hugging a ledge

momma and the baby boy -- the limestone cliffs we walked past were pretty amazing

the late sunlight broke on us through the arched little forest

in a meadow of wheatgrass (bluebunch?), which Bella collected along the way

Jarom in the wilderness (see how the sunlight's diminishing?)

the three amigos

it's a beautiful trail

this is me looking down once we started the steep switchbacks up the actual ridge

a formidable group

stormin the trail

there's Big Baldy, our destination, way up there ahead of us!

Sunset over the valley/ We hiked as best we could, watching the sun light up Big Baldy, but as soon as it disappeared in the west, we knew we had only a bit of twilight to hurry back down the trail. So we turned around. We got about a mile and a half up. It was only a tiny bit disappointing, because everything else was so grand and beautiful and wondrous. We'll be back to summit this one again soon.

beautiful view looking back through Dry Canyon, with Utah Lake, the Lake Mountains, and the Oquirrhs drifting behind it all

So, true to form, I lost my beanie halfway up the trail. Then I lingered back, helping Bella on the way down, and I hear Jarom shouting out from a few hundred yards ahead of us, "Dad! We found your beanie!" Here's Amy wearing it, and Oey watching Bella and me barrel down towards them.

Jarom in the hazy waning daylight. Jarom collected rocks, Bella collected wheatgrass, and I collected a few sturdy sticks.

Here's our valley as we made it back to the trailhead.

Poor Oey had been sitting in a cloth diaper (my fault), and those things don't hold water as long as a disposable. We pantsed him before getting back in the car.

poor kid

Jarom's Birthday Party!!!

Jarom's birthday party at The Little Gym

They got an hour lesson of playing

Jarom doing the slip and slide

rolling into the hole

All the girls on the bars

didn't realize how much bigger jarom is until this picture


this is what oey did during the whole play time

getting ready for cake, everyone needed a drink after all that running around

The classic blowing out the candles on his scooby doo cake, his birthday wouldn't have been complete without it.

I was worried about having this huge cake with only ten kids and a few adults, but silly me. We made short work of it.


Sweet little angelic Oey just sat there patently waiting for cake, didn't even make a peep when others were starting their second piece and he was still waiting for his first.

Jarom loved all of his presents but that one is his new best friend.

He was so cute and excited to go home and play with all new his new toys so he hurried and packed them all up on his own! Everything worked out so wonderful. It was such a great time for Matt and I to make all his dreams come true, even if it was only for a few hours.

Let the Gingerbread festival begin!!!!

oh yeah, dancing the night away!

Crown swiping

bashful Bella

Cute little cottages

huh- gingerbread house (Independence Hall)


Cuteness at its finest

Going once, going twice, 25.00 bucks- Sold? This is the house Matty made for our school Farrer. The art class decorated it!


Bella's Rainbow Brite house

Cookie decorating time

Making gingerbread

Jarom and his spider house

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Ramblings

Waiting for their cousins to arrive at farm country

I loved these little chicks, so fluffy!

Doing the Cake walk-Oey, Jarom, Bella, Dax and London!

Waited in line for a good 20 minutes to get these wonderful balloons from the clown. Oey ended up popping Bella's by biting it.

We had Dax and London sleep over and walked to the Bakery in the morning. The girls picked out little cute doughnuts while the boys just wanted the biggest ones.

Then we walked to the farmers market with all 5 kids. This is my hotsytotsy honey.

This just so happens to be my birthday. We drove all day to Bend OR. Not the most fun thing in the world. But I saw a sign that said pumpkin milkshake and had to have one ( it ended up tasting too pumpkiny- I know, who would've thought). But the kids on the other hand had better luck. I gave them both a quarter, I was feeling generous - remember it was my birthday. And what do you know? They both get a orange gumball, which just so happens to be the lucky color to win ice cream cones.

The free ice cream tasted way better than my shake!

Another stop on the way. Matt and I were just cracking up over Oey and his awesome sweats (thank you Addie). It was an all too familiar look, the name Papa comes to mind.

Hurray- we finally made it.

Rowan, Jenny and Dana came to greet us first thing in the morning. Jenny had gotten Row and Bell matching shirts. We got to walk around beautiful Bend. It was the perfect fall day.

All the kiddos

Jenny and Dana took us out for a birthday lunch!! Dana surprised me with ice cream and a brownie plus one candle to blow out! Happy birthday to me!

We drove up pilot butte and played and took in all the views and some good ole fashion jumping around fun.

Matt's turn. Dana thought this was too dangerous!

Family picture in front of the sister mountains, too bad they looked washed out in the photo so you can't see them.

Again, my handsome husband with the wind blowing his curly hair.

Get ready, set ---

Jump! Was this one too dangerous too Dana?

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Last but not least! This is why I came to Bend for my B-day, was to see my sister in her first play in over a decade. SO worth it!! I was blown away and died from laughter. In the play she was the young other woman. I guess back in that day it was hot to have grandma hair. btw, she just found she will be in another play with a huge role- she gets to dance on a table!! It opens New Year's Eve. I'm going to try and make it there!!- Who's with ME!!?

Next day we went to visit my brother Rustin in Baker City, OR. Maya and Bella.

Here's their lovely family

Making Halloween cookies.

Bella made a million

And that's what Jarom made.

This is him delivering them to neighbors. They fell several times.

We ran out of counter and table space.

Matt took the kids to a 3D funhouse, I don't remember what I did.

Inside- oooo- aaaaaaaaaahhh, feel like I missed out!

This has been my form of exercise for the last couple weeks. We get so many leaves. And the kids always love to help.

Free falling

It was really fun to see Oey try and walk around with his little short legs.

Matt's mom came to town and brought Joey and Emily. Always the best treat to have family in town! We feed the duckies. Everyday things that Nana never gets to do with the kids. So it made it really special. She also worked in Jarom's class one day.

oey and nannie

Nana loves to spoil the kids, and we love her all the more for it!! I went in the house for just a moment and came out just in time to see all of them chasing down the ice cream man. It was a great sight.

Joey and Matt, rocking away, the real star of it is Emily though. It is so fun to watch people who are good at this game.

Pumpkin carving party.


In order- Joey and Emily, Michelle and Bennett, and ours. We were really proud of it.

On Halloween we went to Matt's work to jump start our trick or treating. Oey didn't like his dad's new look at all. poor fella.

Link, our very own hero!!

Oey stealing candy. The kids don't mind. We all think he is the cutest thing ever and I'm starting to see we have created a spoiled baby, and it scares me- but it has stopped me. We will be in for it!

The gang!!

This is just like deja vu. Bella and Jarom had to be the same things as last year. We did update Bella's dress though. And now all three of them have worn the Bee!

I love trick or treating just as much as the kids. It's so fun!!

Nana came too.

Jarom, so pleased to get a magic tree house book from the used book store. Matt reads those books to the kids every night.

Running door to door.

Walking home! Hope you made it through the 2 hour blog. Love you all!!! xoxox