Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little adventures

Tiny skater = too cute

Daddy with his boys

Yes, I know, I look amazing. It's called I just came from the gym look. Heather, Adie- this place was packed!!! It was Farrer's skate night. That's Jarom's school. It was a lot of fun to see Jarom's classmates and some teachers.

Bella Ballerina

She loves it! So we do too and it is also great to watch Oey on the sidelines. He does everything the Bella does.

Jarom is also in a class. They were playing a game here. Who can hold on the longest? Jarom won that easy!!!

Matt and I were on our way to a very special date in SLC. Checked out a new sushi place, and got amazing seats to hear the Utah Symphony. We went with another couple. Matt used to work with the guy till he started working for the Utah Symphony instead! Hooked us up like a brother should. A little tragedy hit us on the way up though. Matt and I were just enjoying our drive in the car when we heard a bang on the back of the car and turned our heads just in time to see his snowboard take flight. And boy did it ever. It flew like a bird!!! It did finally land off the road. No one hit it, amazingly and it hit no one's car-- Thank goodness!! So I guess you can say we will be hitting the end of season sales trying to replace Matty's board.

We got to go the Draper Temple open house. It was really nice to be able to go as a family - priceless. So was Oey saying amazing over and over again to Matt and I when we walked into the celestial room. My mom and cousins were also with us. That morning was a blizzard but by afternoon it was perfectly sunny!! That's Utah for you!

We got ourselves some new passes to -The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. I love how Jarom paid attention to the sign that says to pet the stingrays with two fingers.

Pouty! Bella really wanted to pet one too, when they swam by Matt tried to help her, but she changed her mind! It's tough being a girl!


heather said...

these are the cutest adventures! i love how bella wears her tutu everywhere. she makes the absolutely most precious little ballerina i've ever seen. you gotta get a video of oey doing the moves on the sideline, that sounds like the best thing in the world. i am so proud that jarom won the hanging on contest. does he practice pull-ups with his daddy? and yay! you guys went back roller skating, and it looks so so fun with all the other kids there. some on bikes??! mom, addie and i drove out to happy hollow the other day. it is still there! just all closed up and depressing. i want to reopen with a bang! i swear, roller skating should be the next big thing. totally a blast, cheap, and also exercise even for lazies like me!

as always you know i am so excited to see what you are all up to. i miss you all so much! i forget when you are coming to CA? i might drive down and meet you if that is still in the works. what are you doing for oey's b'day? i love you all so much, beautiful family!

hey by the way did you still see the symphony? how was it?

Our Family said...

What a cute family you guys have! I love seeing the pictures you post. Matt looks good with his hair shorter. He looks so much like Dad. Bella is adorable in her tutu. And I love the serious looks on kids faces, like when Jarom is trying to pet the stingray. So fun! I wish we could see you at least sometimes! By thy way, Jeanette got tickets to Priesthood for the guys for Gen. Conf. Dad told Matt about it, so they will see you in April!

Nadia said...

Amy, thank you for stopping by yesterday it was so sweet and I really enjoyed your visit. I love seeing all the fun things you do with your family. See you soon!

Lisa said...

You do so many fun things with your kids, it's inspiring to me. Temple open houses are the best- so spiritual. Let's hope to have many more temples open in our future!

Momma said...

These adventures are the greatest as usual! I loved the ones of the kids in their classes. Bella looks so cute in her ballerina outfit. And Oey on rollerskates, wow! It's great that you all got to go to a Temple Open House, and with your mom too! Those precious ones are growing up way too fast! Can't wait to see you all in April!! It'll be here soon...