Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Baby Boy is 7 today!!!!

Brand new. Couldn't believe he was mine and coming home with me!!! He was more, so much more than I could have EVER imagined.

So much more trouble, but I loved it.

I couldn't and still can't resist that SMILE!!!

He was born with a wonderful shaped pumpkin head, perfect for kissing.

Jarom one month before he turned 1!!! Such a hulk he was.

I loved this. I think this was the first time I ever just saw him chill. He is a wild child.

Driving with Daddy, the best of buddies. Whenever Jarom has to draw or write anything at school it is ALWAYS about how much he loves his dad.

Always looking for a thrill.

Born musician

My beautiful boy

growing and growing.... it never stops

Has got killer moves

killer lyrics , he is like a magnet to the mic! Loves attention!

And winning

And being like his Daddy.

Good Morning Jarom. He is king of games to entrepreneuring. Just full of spunk and spirit.
He is getting way too big, but is still big fun. Jarom, I love you!!! I love everything about you, even the things that drive me nuts. You're my guy, the greatest son and big brother. Hope you love your Robot Party today!!!


Life on Pelican Street said...

Happy Birthday Jarom! Wow, 7!

dolly and teddy tell it like it is said...

amy, those baby pictures are so cute. i saw teddy a little bit. seven years went by way too quick....what a 'punkadunk' ;)

Carrie said...

He's a doll! I know you hear this from way too many people, but ENJOY THESE YEARS! They go by on wings of lightning!

moonshinejunkyard said...

how lucky that we got to be here with jarom and the family for the birthday! it was a wonderful day, thoroughly and truly, and such a joy to see him having fun with his friends and run around with him! happy birthday you amazing kid!