Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The heart of it all

The start: Rock Canyon. Matt went to a see a storyteller up here once that told him this canyon was the birthplace for all humans. And people from far and near would come to see the start of it all. And so have we.

The last glow of the day invites us to see all the canyon has to offer.

Warming our backs on the trail

Taking in the magnificent beauty

Who knows where the trail ends, we had to do a detour. Our imaginations and legs made the choice to explore.

Up, up we go. The mountain was calling us home.

My mountain goats

Jarom of course needed to go wherever Joey went.

The glow grew dark but with our new fresh outlook on life we were ready to call it a night.

Till next time.


moonshinejunkyard said...

amy, i love how you describe everything. our imaginations causing us to explore...you put the truth into words in the most perfect way! i love you in your cowgirl boots heading up the rickety mountainside! so great. that pic of joey and em is super sweet and romantic. i am also stoked that i wore my fishnet tights to make the experience just that much more daring. lovely lovely lovely. it was so great to be there with you guys. and like i said, "the heart of it all," it really is, in every way. i love you!

by the way, my word verification below is "clutz"...how perfect is that? (for ME)

Glory Watts said...

beautiful Utah! I love that all you pretty girls are in fun boots and skirts! Did y'all go out before you went for a hike? Did the Beatty's just come for a fun visit for Jaroms birthday? What a perfect outing, and it doesn't look too cold. love ya!

AdieSpringB said...

That one sunset pic is so lovely! Wish I had been there, big time. Can't wait to see you kids come Christmas!