Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Robot vs. Pirate

I pulled Jarom out of school to take him on a special lunch date for his birthday. When I picked him up he said - "Oh good Mom, I needed a break." We went to a newer restaurant (Gloria's) just down the road from us. Jarom enjoyed every moment. You can see he is just beaming here. He is being sung to in Italian.

Excited for his Robot party

Let the games begin. We only invited 5 little boys. But let me me tell you, it was enough.

Matt pulled out his secret stash of Nerf guns. All ages of boys went wild!

Our lovely pirate was just about to give the birthday boy and his friends a box of treasure but this sleek hightech robot came in and stole it.

It lead to a great treasure hunt, and a very big victory.

Back home making robot cakes. They turned more into treasure boxes though, piled high with frosting, candy and sprinkles.

Making a wish, dreams do come true.


moonshinejunkyard said...

such a FAB BIRTHDAY! that nerf picture is amazing. i love running wild in late provo afternoons cause it FEELS GOOD ON THE LUNGS!

Glory Watts said...

Such a cute party Amy!! I didn't know that Heather, Joey, and Emily were visiting!! What a fun group! Perfect party for the birthday boy! Can't believe that little rug-rat is 7! Time flys! give him a kiss from me!

AdieSpringB said...

Art just told me "I want a robot party"