Monday, May 10, 2010

No better way

To start my day than to see these pink bums. So many reasons to love the Race For the Cure!

You can't take your eyes off them can you!

Trying to make our way to the starting line, I think we totally bypassed it along with hundreds of others. Sure is a beautiful start of my day.

Finally on the right street in the sea of people who have all come together. It really is such a magical day. The energy in the air is full of hope and love. It just fills your soul to the brim. You have to click on this picture so you can see all the people filling the whole street as FAR as the eyes can see. It's amazing.

And you see signs like this, that bring tears to my eyes. This one says "twice we walked WITH her, now we walk FOR her". Can't even write it without getting teary eyed. And then you see the guy who shirt says "we stare because we care" and then I get to smile my tears away.

We cheated this year. We took a couple of turns and got ahead of the sea and ended up with all the runners. This of course made Bella run, and boy did she go.

Here comes the boys. It was fun to beat thousands even if it was by cheating. We got to be first in line for our bread and treats. We were having such a great time, even talked about how we should cheat every time, well until Oey can run 3 miles. Bella and Jarom were winning prizes left and right. Bella just had to get her face painted for the second day in a row. I waited with her while Matt took the boys to the last booth to get us all ice cream. Ten minutes later Bella's face is almost finished but Jarom is back saying O is lost. I get a little worried but because I don't see Matt and figure he is on top of it. So as soon as Bella is done we make our way to the ice cream booth. Now remember the sea of people has been filtering in NON-STOP. It is hard to get around. Matt finds me and asks if I have seen Oey. He tells me the last time he saw him is when he put him down right in front of a cooler full of ice cream so he can pick his own out. I mean, picture this place. It is packed. Matt, Jarom and Oey make it to the front of the cooler, whichs means they are probably pushed against it, since everyone wants free ice cream. Matt picked one fat boy up for him and one for me and Oey was GONE!! How in the world did he get out of that crowd and where did he go. This place is huge. It is at an outdoor mall, the Gateway. Now I am a little panicked. Still I was very hopeful and just set off on a mission to find my baby. Matt and I split up. The kids stay with me. I even tried to get them to leave me and look for O too, but they wouldn't. As time ticked on, I could feel I was about to lose it. Ran into Matt again, ten minutes later. Still no O. I asked every booth I could get to. The radio station, hoping maybe they would broadcast it. The information booth, nothing. I, myself was just stuck in this growing crowd and I was inching through slower and slower, while my mind was just racing. And then when that last blink broke the tears I was holding back and all was lost, stuck in that crowd. I looked up and saw it. I don't know how I did. I'm blind and it was WAY up there ahead of me. I saw a mop of blond hair on a shoulder. I let go of my stroller and left Jarom and Bella. And went pushing through that crowd like no other saying, "That's MINE, that's mine!" I couldn't have been happier to see that face and hold my boy tight. Then some nice women brought me my stroller and the other two kids I had left behind. And then all we had to do was find Matt.

First I had to put this guy in the stroller with another fat boy and take a picture, just for my own peace of mind.

All together again. One happy blessed family.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh amy i am laughing and crying at once. the way you told this story, the intensity builds perfectly and then that BLOND MOP!!! i can just see it perfectly. now that is a trained mother's eye, to catch that in such a vast sea of faces and hair and people and children. i love that you knew jarom and bella would be fine and just took off to sweep up that baby boy. the family picture at the end is priceless after your story, bella with her face paint, chocolate stains on baby mouths, pink clothes in solidarity for the cure, and everyone relieved and relaxed to be back together and happy. what a day! you guys rock. if and when oey can run three miles i guess i'll have to give in and learn to run three miles myself.
love you guys sooooooo!

Elijah Nielson said...

Scary! Glad you found O. You guys are great.

Kimberly said...

Had to read this to Sean and the one thing he said was that I would have gone crazy and killed him. I think he was right. I am so glad that story had a good ending. It is amazing it dosen't happen to us more often. Every birthday that I have with my kids makes me happy I still have them to celebrate. I enjoyed reading this post about all the fun sayings that people had for the cure. We start because we care. Classic!!Love ya!

Katt said...

Gosh, what a scare! I can only imagine how freaked out you were!
Anyway, love your blog! Love you!

Glory Watts said...

I LOVE the race for the cure! You summed it up perfectly! So many people there for the same reason it truly is such an emotional and powerful experiance!

I can't believe you lost Orion! That is the scariest thing for a mother, to not know where her child is, and you know every second counts. It's a good thing Jarom and Bella didn't leave you to search for him, otherwise you would have had 3 missing children! So happy you found him, what a miracle! I know exactly what that sea of people looks like, and pictures just don't do it justice! It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack! So happy that little blode mop is safe and sound with a fat boy!