Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Still to this day I hear my mom say to my child or to one of her million grand-kids "do you want to rock-a-bye?" They always do. Works wonder on sleepy cranky kids, and even the mad temper tantrum ones will calm down and enjoy the soft lap of a loving grandma, always gentle and ever so kind. She sings, hums, ask questions and will read books till the stars twinkle and even just stay quiet. These babies, toddlers, big kids will forget their sour moods and laugh, relax and even fall asleep and grandma will just continue to rock-a-bye.

I always rocked my babies to sleep and loved to nurse in the rocking chair. Today my baby (a big toddler) had a meltdown because he woke up, I know, weird. He just woke up crying and I asked him if he wanted a rock-a-bye. He didn't say no, so I picked him up and walked over to my wooden rocker made comfy with throws. We sat in the afternoon sun and rocked away. I noticed my baby's feet were down to my knees and his head curled on my shoulder made for one long baby. Woe is me. Makes me feel like that book. I'll love you forever, my baby you'll be. (Is that the name of it?)

I love you Mom.
And let me just add that you are right about everything:
1-water is the best medicine
2-hiking in skirts can't be beat
3-cracked wheat for breakfast is the breakfast of champions
4-the best new clothes are from thrift stores
5-never miss a sunset
6-count your blessings
7- serving is fun
8-just as fun as giving birth at home
9-to pray always
and the big fat 10- I'm sooooooo sorry I ever called you a big fat stinky elephant (I was like ten, but it haunts me still to this day) . You were right. A hummingbird is you xo
I'm so glad I have a mom whose treasures are rocks, pinecones, journals, scriptures and family.


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh man i love claudia...she's been a hummingbird since the moment i first met her at girls' camp. all her tricks are perfect but nothing so sweet as rock-a-bye time. little oey had to give in, huh, the sweetie pants. oh amy how this makes me miss you. you and your momma are pure strong loving women and i admire you greatly.

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

SO TRUE...I love your mom too and this post totally sums it all up into a wonderful memory!! I hope my treasures can be those same treasures she has...

she's lucky to have you Amy.

Wilkins Clan said...

Ok that makes me cry thinking of having all my babies all grown up. What a sweet story.