Friday, May 7, 2010

PTA Carnival

Our school PTA has a carnival every year to earn money for the upcoming school year. My best friend Michelle has been in charge of it for the last few years. Crazy how much work is involved. But she pulled it off again!

Let the fun begin

Our principal was the first one in the dunk tank, a real leader. We also had games, booths, bounce houses and prizes galore.

Matt's sweet loving wife (me) was kind of enough to let him help. His job was actually kind of hard. Right up there with the cotton candy makers. The kids loved dressing up and getting a photo on the spot to take home with them. Thanks honey!! xo

Little walking doll/princesses. They thought they looked pretty pretty:)

O wanted to be Doc Ock. So he got the glasses and I guess the extra arms came out of his nose.

And then he continued to kill me with his messiness.

He had to wear the coat because he whipped off his shirt when he got snow cone juice on it.

Got sweet and juicy with the watermelon. This was ok.

But then he had to go and get cotton candy. Never a stickier mess. He did try and clean it up with another piece of watermelon though. All in all in was a fun blast. But I think I can speak for the whole PTA (all five of us). We are so glad it's done, and let summer begin.


moonshinejunkyard said...

okay, first off bella and jarom's outfits are amazing! that dress of bella's is so beautiful, DI? and then the face paint. wow. i'm impressed...especially oey. it looks sooooo fun. oey's assortment of treats takes the cake. looks like my kind of supper. tell michelle she did an awesome job and by the way, were matt's photos polaroids? how did the kids get them instantly? that's awesome and i bet they had so much fun. did you do the face paint and costumes? that is the greatest idea in the world, like a mini version of those old west booths. which someday i want to do.

Redferns said...

Adorable family!! Love them, love u:) Happy m day:) You're a wonderful mother.

mooncowboy said...

Heather: The school bought a little photo printer, and I brought my laptop, so I had my camera hooked up to a laptop hooked up to a photo printer. Only it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Still, fun. The kids loved it.