Wednesday, May 26, 2010


For our kids, heaven is a day with their Uncle Mikie!!
We meet up with him at the Claremont Farmers Market.

A beautiful day with a beautiful guy.

hugs all around xxxxx

Handsome brothers, cute kids too :)

So everyone got a little piece of heaven. I found mine in a the delightfully sweet, tart, pucker-uppers, a basket full of kumquats!!!

Matt found his in avocado honey, taste like molasses, mmmmmmmmm

Mikie got bella the sweetest gift to date, a poem by this fella with the shaggy flowing mane.

It reads:
It's time to start learning
you're that age now
and every version of you
in the future is
jealous of you right now
you will always want to go back to
right now
so enjoy it
smile big
eat lots of cake
and have fun
-the unheard poet

Bella has been asking me if she could be an actor, and when can she be in a play? Think this fall instead of dance we might just have to find a play she can do.

One of Mikie's jobs. It is called the W Hotel. I had never heard of it before him, but I guess it is the place to be or be seen. When we got there, there was the hugest line of young hot girls and guys waiting to be able to go to the club on the roof to swim. I wish so bad I would have taken a picture. It blows my mind how these people were dressed. I can't even begin to describe it, it was like they were all Paris Hilton. Anyway, it was really great when they lifted the rope for us to get in and not them. I felt famous. Silly me.

Mikie then took us to his favorite place to eat, just around the corner from where he works in Hollywood.

Mikie was a great tour guide and took the kids to a place he KNEW they would love.

Right on the money.

Mikie!!! We had a blast with you in your city, thanks for taking the day to be with us. Hope this blog finds you well at your other job which just so happens to be a cruise. Some guys get all the luck :) Love you xo


AdieSpringB said...

OK. Where did Bella get that dress???????
Second. OEY MET SPIDEYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great entry. I love it. I love that you guys got to go into the W and not the scantily-dressed clan! Isn't that place amazing??? I can't wait to go back actually and get real dressed up and have a drink at the downstairs bar there.

Looks like you had a blast hangin in the one and only CITY OF ANGELS and Claremont with the one and only Mikie.

Love you guys.


moonshinejunkyard said...

amy you look like heaven personified in that dang dress!!!! kumquats, huh? never tasted them but they sound divine and i love the sound of avocado honey too. great farmer's market photos. you guys were really cruising all over creation huh?! so so fun to see the whole LA scene. you all look like bright pure sunshine.

Carrie said...

What fun! You have a gift for words :)

Heather said...

what a fun trip...hollywood how exciting - I've added it to my list!

Glory Watts said...

WoW! Super fun! Maybe someday I can brag to people that once upon a time I sang karaoke with Mikie Beatty. ;) I don't think anyone would believe me.

I love a good kumquat! And avacado maple syrup that tastes like molasses? YOU KNOW is right up my ally! :)