Wednesday, May 11, 2011

by the sweat of their brow

The kids are racing for a cure and to help earn money for Japan relief.

We have been racing fools over here. The kids school had a jog-a-thon to help earn money for Japan. They merrily knocked on doors around the block hoping to get some sponsors for this great cause. Everyone was very sweet in emptying their pockets. Even a few quarters would make them nuts with excitement.

Jarom started strong

They had the kids wear a paper on their back and they would mark them as they ran by. In the end Bella had 49 laps which equals 4 miles!!

Spring-clad Susan had the fun job of making the tallies and sending them off with pep to keep them going.

Bella ran until the bitter end. Jarom stopped after 2 miles.

They were rewarded with fresh smoothies and yummy fruit. The school's goal was to raise 10,000 dollars. I'm hoping we beat it!!

Race for the CURE

It amazingly grows larger every year - people as far as you can see, all there for the very same loving, hopeful reason.

Orion was soooo super stoked to finally get the chance to run after standing on the sidelines for the last two races.

This speed demon always pulled ahead though

which broke his little heart time and time again

mad dash to the end

always fun to see people get creative

proudly making full use of his bra

This is Jarom and Bella's favorite part of the race... collecting all their free loot: ice cream, yogurt, water, scarf, bread, oranges, and of course candy.

This guy only wanted the balloon

It was quite a humbling sight to watch the survivors parade and be honored. So overwhelming.

happy to share our day with such amazing people


moonshinejunkyard said...

excuse me. EXCUSE ME. BELLA RAN 4 MILES?!!! she beat me a thousand times over. what an incredible little runner. should she be taking medals in track and field? i'm kind of blown away. all the kids are so cute doing these runs for good causes, and oey's push to the end of his race is just breaking my heart, and then with his pink balloon! oh how i cannot wait to swoop them all up. i love you. can i please someday be the aunt who has the kids come visit for a whole month of the summer or something. i just miss them so much. and my heart is dying with gladness that i'll see you all next week!!!!

Carol said...

Awesome! This brought tears to my eyes! What great causes to be a part of.

Cheri Sharp said...

I love your little family. We went too, but we didn't see you. There were so many people there! :)

whit said...

Gosh you guys are cute!