Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring livin

In celebration of Earth Day

We splurged and bought a composter. We have been composting like mad over here and this new bad boy will help us make such nice soil so much quicker.

This guy claimed Daddy's old drill. A little scary how much he loved it.

But proved to be a good helper.

Provo Beach Resort. It is a new fun zone in the area. We walked through it one time in December and then back out again. The kids have been dying to go and actually do one of the many fun things they have. So this last Monday I told the kids if they cleaned REALLY WELL I would take them for a family date and let them pick one of the activities.

After a lot of the debate the three-story high rope course won.

Orion and I watched from below - Oey did not help clean. And speaking of cleaning, Jarom and Bella did AWESOME!! I was so impressed that we did the same thing today (without the reward) I think it will be a good Monday tradition. I'm not just talking about cleaning their rooms here, but vacuuming and scrubbing the floors - on hands and knees and making the bathrooms sparkle. I thought I was the only one who could do that. I am so pleased!!

Another new thing around here! The kids are NOW in charge of their library books that they pick and check out. I'm tired of paying late fees.

Jarom and Bella trying their hand at origami from the book that Jarom checked out.

Day at the park with our best friends.

Orion was so happy to find this mommy duck and her eggs. He screamed "EGGS!!!!!!!!!" when he found them. This poor momma was shivering when I came over to see what Oey meant by EGGS!!

Second best part of Nielsen's Grove park - the huge swing that turns as you swing. My greatest friends Michelle and Celeste, who both also have one little boy left at home and live just a couple doors down, are our perfect playmates. Riley, being the youngest, got the baby swing. Oey and Tommy did the spider and Katie (Celeste's sister-in-law who has Downs) got her own swing. The four of them all enjoy ducks and swinging and were all very sad to break up this party.

Sugar cookies for May Day

Showing off her favorite cookie. She later ran it over to give to her best friend.

My two big hooligan twins?

As I was checking out at Costco today the man behind me took my cart and said he would buy these two. The kids thought he was too funny. But Thing Number 1 was not pleased when he heard the man call them twins!! And insisted that they were much older and bigger than Thing Number 2. Thing Number 2 thought it made sense since they both have blue eyes and blue hair ... that brought smiles all around.


moonshinejunkyard said...

so cute you guys!!!! what a fun bunchy. amy good for you for keeping orion with you since he didn't help clean - i see you are sticking to your unspoiling routine! but i must say he is pretty dang handsome and handy with that drill. maybe he'll be a little carpenter. remember how he loved that homemade sword your dad made him.

i will buy those two also! i heart the discussion that followed. what a sweet man for thinking they might be twins! after all they are only 18 months apart. sometimes that trips me out. jarom was a wee babe when baby sis joined the group!

can't wait to see you guys sssooooon. which day are you guys coming? where are you staying? much love sweet fam!

Carol said...

I'm so excited for you to have your own composter. Earth Day sounds like a good reason to buy one to me. Let me know how well it works. We want to get one.

Tara Oliver said...

we went to the Provo Beach Resort, too, but on Saturday. it was fun, I was impressed! but we didn't dare do the ropes course (our kids are too young). but we did play Skee-ball below it and watch in awe those above us. :)