Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sea breeze

San Diego

We pulled into town drowsy after driving all night

the crisp salty air and stretching our legs at Imperial Beach

sand in our toes

and wet booties woke us right up

surrounded by beauty

sand dollars worth more than a dollar

hugging the wave licked cliffs, Cabrillo National Monument

watching the tide come in

looking and searching

for friends (brown pelicans)

and those who want to be left alone

keeping a close eye on my babes

playing it safe

unless you have a hand to hold

a tribute to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

The old Point Loma lighthouse

Last beach of the day, Ocean Beach

O and I stayed in the warm toasty sand

These two could not escape the call of the sea

and believe it or not - we all got burnt

I finally got down to business and modeled some clothes for my forthcoming Etsy shop.

the wind really wanted to help

but may have done the opposite

This is one place you can't just drive by

But bask in its glorious realm

And thank heaven

that families are forever

ending the day and letting loose our sand-trapped bodies in the spa


whit said...

Looks like a ton of fun :)

Katt said...

Adorable family! What Etsy shop? Are you selling clothes?

moonshinejunkyard said...

YEAHHH!!! can't wait for your shop and oh how i love these beachy photes! that one of the curvy staircase and the kids in the lighthouse is like the most incredible picture i've ever seen. wow. you guys are profesh. what a beautiful trip you guys had; sometime i want to play with the kids at the ocean. jarom and bella do it my way...frolicking, then digging, then laying on the warm sand! those tidepools and the starfish are so beautiful it makes my heart hurt. love you, miss you !!! xoxoxo

Heather said...

how fun - love the pics and can't wait to see your shop!

Heidi Daniels said...

Another funventure! Good luck on your shop! So happy for you, you're so creative and ambitious and I'm sure it'll do well! LOVE YOU!

dolly and teddy tell it like it is said...

awesome beach!love your are so pretty... in that last one you kinda look like me ;) glad we're sisters. xoxo

mooncowboy said...

i'm glad you're sisters too. we need to do some family adventures together. i'm sure tyler would be down.