Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I used to live across the street from the sweetest, hottest, little momma. But she moved a block away and then I moved a block in the opposite direction. We were still so close but in this busy world the only time our crosses passed were on the internet!! One day last week the sun was smiling and all I wanted to do was enjoy it. So out O and I went. Of course I'm not the only smart lady around who knows when it is just too nice to stay inside. Who do you think we ran into? Little Momma Nadia and her boys. The sun and then Nadia.... this day just could not be beat. We chatted as long as our boys would allow. And before we parted ways she invited us to her Cinco de Mayo party!!

Beautiful Nadia and her youngest son Ethan. For those of you who don't know Nadia, she is one heck of an authentic cook!! I knew this party (food) was going to be amazing since all Nadia asked me to bring was 30 tomatillos.

The kids played games like Red Rover

all different personalities shine through

my hot date

and the ugliest clown piƱata you have ever seen - makes the beating all that more fun

Orion attacking it with a shovel. The other boy has a lightsaber.

Bella surprising us with some killer whacks

quite pleased with them

Jarom trying to take it down with one arm. The other arm tightly clutched the clown's other foot with candy inside.

utter and complete joy (madness)


Nadia and I, the only real festive dressed-up adults.

The kids made cozy and enjoyed licking their ice cream cones and listening to the band

Bella danced me in circles

and was dipped by her daddy

She was also my twin

Nadia!!! Thank you xoxoxo


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my goodness what a PARTY!!!! i want a hundred kids and a crazy pinata around for mine next year. please please please universe provide this! amy you and bella in your lovely senorita dresses just take the cake. you and me would have matched perfectly. i also wore my long one with the embroidery down the front. becky commented on how she likes it long and i realized it's true, everyone cuts them off nowadays. i'm going to keep things long more often. i just have to admit, it is so nice to kind of feel like i'm wearing my nightgown. what a great neighborhood you have and your friend is so beautiful!
love you and miss you all! xoxoxo

Katt said...

You sure do know how to throw a fiesta! Looks like so much fun!! Can I come next year?

Nadia said...

I'm so glad you guys came, it was fun and so festive. Oh and thank you for those tomatillos! See you soon and for sure at our next cinco de mayo party!