Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baker City Family

Labor Day weekend. First stop was at Sumpter's Flea Market with my brother Rustin and his adorable family. This little Oregon town goes all out for their weekend flea market parties.
Old time murals are always the best!
With all the walking and treasure-finding you need a full tummy of:
snow cones
soft pretzels
cups filled with ice and soda
Jarom found and treasured a whole old collection of Boys' Life magazines
Orion and Winter were ecstatic to find Bumblebee
The girls LOVED and sported their newest classic 80s accessory - and they were only 10 cents!!
total cuteness you want to bring home with you around every corner
A day of flea market shopping wasn't enough for some - we were lucky to drive right into a mini storage sale. The stuff here was incredible.
picking huckleberries right off the roadway is a MUST - in the Wallowa Mountains

My best pickers!!
After a long hot day of walking, shopping and picking, the Cove Warm Springs (in the teeny town of Cove) was the perfect way to wash the dust from our skin and berry-stained hands and become whole and refreshed!!

The cousins favorite part (besides the jumping) was making uncle Rustin dive down for the heavy black rocks in the deep, so they could hold the rock and let it give them a free ride to the bottom.
Can't come to Baker City without visiting the Sloughhouse Ranch. Just so happens we are very tight with the owners and they love to share their animals, Otter Pops, and the beaut land.

Jenny and I lounging around the ranch in our Etsy clothes. Jenny was an awesome sister and helped model some clothes for our store - Sunbeanbella.
The newest and adored family members - three cute mini donkeys!! Maria, Isabel, and Fireball all loved to be groomed and hand fed!!

Our souvenir - a load of farm fresh eggs collected by the kids themselves


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh man...i wait for this post all year. I LOVE IT UP THERE! you know ryann savino spent a month in the wallowa mountains studying ecology. the little towns are so endearing and refreshingly countryish. all rustin's hay makes my feet tingle wanting to leap around on it, and have a hayride, and RIDE THAT HORSE!!! i am jealous of my own nieces and nephews. i haven't ridden a horse since i was about bella's age, how sad is that?! anyway you ladies are looking lovely in your frocks and all the kids' haircuts look so fine and fresh. and those tee-shirt rings are one of my fave 80s inventions; i remember them well.

hey and last but not least, i like the new look! very sporty, fresh and simple. i think i have said the word "fresh" at least six or eight times in this comment. ooooh one more. that water!!! so re-FRESH-ing, warm or cold. i love that cowabunga jump WOOO HOOOO. love you all dearly with every speck o my heart.

whit said...

I can't even believe how big your kids are getting! How I miss them.