Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh me, Oh my

little Indiana Jones

This time of year is my absolute favorite. I love how it is just packed full of excitement, pure and simple ones. The fall colors, leaf piles, dressing up, baking goodies, roasting pumpkin seeds, carving pumpkins, the endless parties, and squeezing in as much outdoor time before it turns bitterly cold. It is full to the brim with real quality family time.

I'm leaving today. And can't help be sad for all I'm going to miss. Yeah, call me spoiled. Who wouldn't want to celebrate turning 30 with their honey in paradise? Me, I guess. My kids love parties. Who else would I want to celebrate with? I'm going to miss dressing my kids up and seeing their faces glow when they look in the mirror, watching their faces turn sour as they reach their little hands into their pumpkins. The light in their eyes when they receive their first full candy bar while trick-or-treating. I LOVE running door to door with them. It is all so priceless. 

Who is going to take their pictures in the school Halloween Parade?
That is just one little thing that is haunting me.

I didn't start this post to cry and whine but to be glad for all I have already been able to do with them, continuing fall traditions and making new ones. xoxo
Snuggled up for the full moon lift ride at Sundance
decorating sugar cookies
making loads of apple chips with Jarom
finding a sleeping zombie
still harvesting a hearty bounty
Being adopted by a new little furry friend. Our very own Halloween cat, Link!
who can always be found cuddling
fall field trips
Getting lost in a corn maze
A new tradition. Hiking Donut Falls among the beautiful aspens.
It was colder in canyon than we thought. The boys were lucky enough to find little wraps and scarves in the car to keep them warm.
Brandon scooting his way up to the falls
Isn't she lovely?
Can't hike Donut Falls without actually eating a doughnut - just you try.
Our Nanie came to visit!!!!! It was her tradition to come visit us every fall but she missed the last two, we are so glad to have her back, and her new husband Jack. It was like CHRISTMAS!!!!
Spidey led the way 
Everyone else gladly followed
Finished with Halloween bedtime stories xoxoxo
How blessed am I?
I cannot count all the ways.

Rachel, Ade, and Dolly -
Thank you
For your love, time, and energy spent loving my kids while I'm gone,
it REALLY means the WORLD to me.

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whit said...

I seriously can't believe hom big your kids are! I miss u all soooo much. xoxoxo