Sunday, October 9, 2011

smells like ROTORUA

Day 9: Rotorua

just ten more days 
and I'll be sipping this
with him
morning with my matty and chai is perfection
we started one of our last days in NZ at Hells Gate, a geothermal area and of course, a natural spa
This place of wonder is smelled before seen.
And to this day we still smell some lingering Rotorua in a few items we wore there (particularly our togs).
lots of steaming, popping mud pots
this was a happy little steaming pile
The trail ended at a little hut where you were taught to carve, and then make your own souvenir. I chose to carve the Maori symbol for compassion and Matt did loyalty -- not as easy as it seems.
back in the day they had the natural spa right at the falls,
but today - to help preserve the natural wonder - they still use the water and mineral-rich mud, but they have been transported to baths, pools, and private spas
 and we weren't leaving without trying it all
things got dirty pretty fast
but, it was all ours for the taking
glorious silky mud
awesome until you HAVE to take a cold shower before moving on to the next segment
 and robes for inbetween
soaking in the sulphurous Wai Ora spa
feeling nothing but love
our next adventure:
following a little trail along Kerosene Creek
to the toastiest waterfall
he jumped in, and I had to inch my way slowly in
sooooo insanely melt-your-body hot
so after Matt's dunk, a group of soaking old ladies told us of an unseen little critter that loves to climb up your nose, and how you should NEVER put your head under the water
veggie burger madness (in NZ known as a "vege burger")
our last stop for the day
rare ancient Maori rock art, off the shores of Lake Tarawera
after a long busy day and late night drive


moonshinejunkyard said...

annnnd we're BACK! i love when you take me to new zealand...nothing better. and i WANT to be taking that silky mud bath right now, geez louise that looks amazing. you two are just the cutest. hard to believe you're already going back. now i see what you're up to - you want to get these posts done before you start anew with '11! well i am personally THRILLED to get to glimpse each of your days. and so glad mattie didn't get meningitis; thanks for the tip! guess what? my friends from new zealand are coming to visit california in june next year! someday i hope to return the favor ;) love these posts, pllleeeease keep them coming!

whit said...

My mom and I were talking about you today. :) And this is how our conversation went... Me: Do you ever read Amy's blog? Mom: Yes, isn't she adorable? Me: She is so dang cute and a fantastic mom. I love her. Mom: Agreed. Mat is a super lucky guy. We love you!
PS.. Loving your pink skirt.