Saturday, October 8, 2011

Piece of Heaven

Most of my large, ever-growing family came into town for a family reunion. But that lasted only a day, and then I had quite the little load of guests, the majority of them were 3 and under. Tired of being in cars, cooped up and crowded in homes and hotels, I had the perfect remedy for all ages. The Grotto trail!
The sky was perfectly blue and all the leaves glowed.
  Everywhere you looked called for a photo op.
Bonny and her cutie pie twins, Willow and Autumn.
the trail is ever so inviting
And easy, which makes some very happy mamas, who don't have to worry about having tired, whiny kids.
And who would complain in this wonderland?
cozy leaf-lit nooks 
new furry friends at every step
lots and lots of fun little bridges for little feet
sharing the magic of fall
good old-fashioned banter about trees, soil, and sunlight
Did I mention all the little bridges?
I was the good shepherd, herding up the rear. The parents actually had a hard time keeping up with the kids, which is the best when hiking.
And then before any of us knows it, you're here!!
Wendy and Ivy couldn't tear their shoes off fast enough
and then couldn't get their feet out of that freezing water fast enough
pure blissful Dolly and Teddy
the sun starts to slide and we know it's time
To walk the planks once more.


moonshinejunkyard said...

beauty all around. what a place and sooooo perfect for a fall walk. amy you are the sweetest hiking guide and hostess and auntie and mama to take the family there. bella helping her little cousin is the cutest thing ever; she's a natural! glad to see you are having the PERFECT fall! love you, muuuaaahhhh!

Carol said...

I love that place! So pretty and a short hike for the kids! Everybody happy! So glad you enjoyed it!