Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day Trippers

After our Triathlon, we had a crazy long fun day of adventures. Since we were already in St. George, we wanted to make the most of our time. Right after the triathlon we went to the dinosaur tracksite (Dinosaur Discovery Site at the Johnson Farm) in St. George that Matt had been wanting to take the kids to, because it has the best-preserved dinosaur footprints ever found.

Kids standing in front of the longest set of fossilized dinosaur tracks in the world

Can you see the footprint?

Big Tyrannosaur footprint

Our plan was to go straight to Zion after the museum, but on the way we got sidetracked a few times. It was just the most beautiful day and everything was calling out to us. Next stop was this cute little town in Virgin, at Fort Zion.

You could buy 4 carrots for a dollar and feed the animals. We all took turns, even Oey. He loved a little furry donkey. This little alpaca was very friendly, and desperate.

Just getting a drink, then back in the car to Zion. We wanted to make sure we got as much time there as possible.

We drove a couple more miles to find this hidden little nook in the red mountains, in a tiny town called Rockville. It was the cutest organic shop with lots of yummy treats sitting in the sweetest orchard. Everything was green- my favorite color!

Matt and his sandwich, refueling

We just had to stop one last time to join in Springdale's Earth Day celebrations. It was perfect. We have gone to a few of these type of things in the last couple years and this one was the best. It was small, simple and to the point. All about our beautiful world. Really focused on plants and nature, some homemade goods and crafts, unlike the other trendy ones where they are full of homemade pipes and whatnots.

Zion! We made it! These are the three patriarchs. Being here made me think of one of my favorite hymns-For the beauty of the earth.

The boys up at Weeping Rock

This is where you can sit and look out at the amazing view and stay dry.

My Guys

You can see the water dripping behind us. It pours out where sandstone meets shale, takeing centuries to get there. They have tested the water and some is 800 to 1200 years old!

Letting the kids play in the water and sand. Bella trying to pull up her skirt so it doesn't get wet.

We stayed until darkness covered Zion canyon, then had a four-hour drive home. We were pretty exhausted to say the least, after the triathlon and all these side trips. We recommend spending more than a day or half-day at Zion. We'll definitely be back for more (Angels Landing here we come!).


spring said...

What a wonderful, amazing day. You are always providing such great fun and educational trips for the kids. You have seen some extraordinary and beautiful places in Utah. Can't believe how big my precious grandbabies are! Love you all.

Josh said...

I love how active you guys are! Good Job!

Glory Watts said...

You guys really know how to maximize each moment of every outing. What a fun family you guys are. I wish I could have been there with you. It looks so beautiful. Love you.

moonshinejunkyard said...

these pictures and stories are AWESOME...bella makes the best faces on earth and i LOVE how she pulled her skirt up so it wouldn't get wet. my other favorite is the "desperate" alpaca, looks like he's about to leap the fence and jarom's a tad worried about it. you and matt look striking and gorgeous. orion is impossibly cute, what an awesome kid. i miss you guys! it is starting to feel like forever and i CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES...i need to be around you all!