Sunday, April 20, 2008


Friday we were on the road to St. George! It was so nice to see and feel the sunshine and all that it beautifies. Spring in St. George is amazing.

Matt, Michelle and I woke earlier than what we actually set our alarms for on Saturday morning. We were up and ready to go bright and early, wondering if we should eat more breakfast or if we have already eaten enough. It was a tough question that we discussed thoroughly. It was all so exciting and nervewracking. You start with the swim, which is nice because then for the bike and run you dry off in the warm sunshine. We made a little pact to try and stay together which worked out great until the end and Matt decided to work us on the last mile and a half. Matt was great and Michelle and I got to gab away.

We enjoyed it so much. Matt even said at one point he had a spiritual moment when he was running hard and taking in the view. This amazing world and our crazy bodies that can do what ever we want if we train them and keep them healthy and even if we don't they are still pretty amazing how wonderful they are. We just felt so full of life and love for what we have, what we can accomplish, and for everything and everyone around us. Everyone was is such high friendly spirits that it was intoxicating and contagious. We loved everything about it. And we can't wait to do another one.

We love our little set up even more after this trip.

bums away. Michelle and I. Matt had the camera, so there is almost no pictures of him. Notice the beauty.

Me and michelle

Still wet from the swim. I swam in my sports bra. It's a little of a challenge to figure out what to wear since there is no time to change. I threw on the tank top and shorts I cut just for this trip after the swim. I was very proud of them. They worked great. Matt on the other hand didn't want to swim and bike/run in spandex so opted to swim in his swim trunks and tried to change quickly under a towel which we are pretty sure didn't work so great. People got a nice show. I'm sorry I missed it.

My stud. I'm so proud of him. He is a great competitor

Michelle taking the lead. I'll show them next time.

Last but not least. I didn't even have to break a sweat at my comfortable pace.

Matt and Michelle taking down their bikes. This race was awesome because it went in alphabetical order, so Michelle (Anderson) was #14 and Matt and I were 21 and 22. When we were starting our run people were still waiting to do their swim so they had to do their run in the heat of the day.

All done. A picture for the books. First one and many more to come.


spring said...

You guys are awesome! Great job. What a fun thing to do. Very inspiring. Matt I love your new haircut, good job. Who watched the kids? I love St. George, darling town and temple.

moonshinejunkyard said...

i can't believe how easy and wonderfully deliciously FUN you guys make it look. wasn't it hard AT ALL? tell me the truth, please, make me feel better about my own stagnancy! i guess i better shape up soon or else i won't even be anywhere near your guys' league at havasu! how far did you have to run for this? i think the swimming would be the best.

Josh said...

Good job! I had no idea you guys were going to do this. Let me know next time. I would love to get back in to triathlon sahpe I did one before I had a door fall on me and about kill me.

Maria said...

Way to go! Josh wants me to do a triathlon with him sometime...I haven't committed to anything though:)

Glory Watts said...

Amy, you look so stinkn' cute in all your pictures, like you're having a grand ole time! What a fun thing to do together. Maybe a Marathon is out of the picture for Paul and I to do together, but a triathlon?...very possible. Amy, Matt and Michelle, you guys rock! You deserve (some more) cookie dough, and a nice rest before the big hike. Matt, great photography, and Amy, love the are so clever ;) Love you guys.
BTW, which was the hardest part? the swim, bike, or run?

Stephy said...

Amy, I'm lovin' this blogging stuff. I'm such a freak. You do triathlons?! Wow! I'm getting toasted by you and Glo. I miss you and am glad to see life is going so good for you. Luv you.

Heather said...

congrats - i feel out of the loop for not even knowing! don't you swim like a mile - and run tons and bike tons of miles too! What an awesome goal! Way to go!