Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To My Sweetest, Bestest Friend!

Happy Birthday Glory! We always talk about making a post for each other, because we are always checking each other's blogs so much. So here it is- Just for you(and everyone else that is reading this- is it still just you?)!

Glory Lee Smith Watts. How proud I am to claim you for my own. My big sister! I love you so very much. And I feel so blessed to have you as a best friend. This will sound crazy but you are my everything. How different I would be without you. There would have been no one there to give me my first eyebrows(with a pencil) on my 8th grade graduation. I felt like a clown and tried so hard to scrub them off. They just faded to a nice orange-brown.

I loved being the first one you told everything to. Your first kiss. That dance where that boy tried to take your shoes off- but you didn't want him to because you had scary socks on.

Your cool job at the video store. All the free movies.

Talk about freebees- is me crashing all your dates. I never had a better time. Boy- that was the life.

I loved when people would meet me for the first time and say-"You must be Glory's sister", "You have the same lips", "You two talk the same, and laugh the same", "Are you twins?". I hate the poor soul who seemed shocked to find out that we were even from the same family tree. Blast them!

I loved our everyday morning breakfast of Mc D's or snack from the Shell gas station.

We have been on so many little journeys. Like the time we ditched school and walked miles to find out that Dick the nark was following us the whole time. What a blow.

I love that you loved ME. I know you think you were mean to me a lot growing up. But all I remember is all the good things. Which feels like my whole life. You always had my back, maybe not so much at home but at other places where I would have been shy and so uncomfortable. Being with you would make all my worries go away.

I love how we understand each other when NO one else can. I love all of our inside jokes- and sideways glances. I love that we can read each others minds, and giggle.

I love you more and more and more. I love to think back when mom would say-"Just wait till your older, your sisters will be your best friends". We didn't have to wait very long to find out how very right she was.

I have always looked up to you even though we are the same height.

You are so bright and funny. Truly gifted. You're a great loving mom. The best dancer I have ever seen! The greatest friend and sister I could ever ask for.

I love YOU. You are the one friend I will always need in my life. My phone buddy, shopping buddy, ice cream buddy, camping buddy, singing in the rain buddy, poison buddy, make-up buddy, pj buddy, roller skate buddy, white hot chocolate buddy (I guess Josh can be in this group too), workout buddy, our new found love for peanut butter buddy, mom to mom buddy, need a laugh buddy, dancing on a broken glass buddy, and last but not least salamander buddy (thats actually just you).

I just want you to know I'm thinking of you on your birthday. Even though you are not getting anything in the mail from me. I was at Nana's on Sunday and I saw that she had a card for you. And yes I know it's crazy that in 6 months I will be the age that you were just 6 months ago.

Happy Birthday GLORY... I love YOU...
Paul hasn't taken you out yet this might make you feel better.
A list of things you do better than I
1- color better
2-paint nails better
3-sing better
4-run faster
5-read better
6-have better morning breath
7-play the piano better
8-clean better
9-basketball, soccer, baseball
10-you know the lyrics better


Adie B said...

Hi you both (amy and glory). It's Adie. Heather introduced me to this blog Amy, which I didn't realize had so many great posts! I love it! I love this particular one for Glory. I know what you mean - so much. Heather's blog (about our great grandmother missing her sister) made me cry the other night, so very hard. I decided I MUST move to be close to Heather. I know we are kind of close, but I need daily basis kind of close. I want a whole gang of us to buy property one day and have houses on it, all near each other! Anyhoo, Art and I might be moving come Fall. To Placerville, where the love is.

I love all the memories you have with Glory! Honestly, it's weird, sisterhood does get stronger often as you get older. It's the most precious lovely thing, someone that has known you since you were born, besides your parents. Heather and I were best friends always, but being apart just makes me THAT much more aware of how dear our friendship is and always has been. So many road trips and adventures and you can tell everything to your best friend. It was so nice to always have a best friend along, even on family camping trips and such.
I hope that one day Heather and I are mothers together.
Anyways, I love this entry, I hope you don't mind my being here!

Glory Watts said...

Amy Eileen Smith Beatty! My dear, dear sister, I am, more than shocked, I'm blown away! I laughed and cried as I read this ode to our sisterhood and friendship. What a treat that I did not expect on my birthday! You hit the nail on the head Amy, everything you wrote is soo true, and brought back floods of memories.How true it is that we know what the other is thinking just by a side ways glance. It really is like we were raised twins, we did everything together. Like Jerry Mcguire said, and Michael Scott from the Office..."you complete me." Amy, I have to be honest, when I didn't get a phone call from you yesterday, I thought you had forgot my birthday. I thought, oh, she probably didn't know that it was the 16th and will realize it today or tomorrow (I'm guilty of that sometimes) I was wrong, my sweet, beautiful sister not only remembered, but wrote a major tribute to me. I clearly don't deserve it but feel so loved by you. I'm just mad that I'm not the first to leave a comment. I didn't even open my computer on my birthday. I did not believe Mom when she told me that someday you would be my best, the wisdom of a mother. She was so right! Our sisterly bonds have only grown stronger over time, we really need to live closer to each other. I'll end by quoting one of Eliza's favorite bedtime stories. "I'm filled with the wonder of wonderful you, and I love you more each day"

BTW, you forgot that we are great at rocking out in the car to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" remember you pretend to play the drums, though there aren't any drums being played?...I love you! You are the best!

Sarah said...

This is so sweet. Hope you don't mind me commenting on a post for Glory! It made me laugh about ditching school, though. Haha. Happy late Birthday, Glory!

moonshinejunkyard said...

amy this is such a beautiful celebration of sisterhood. you are such a good writer, you put the emotions just right, making me feel every moment you describe. even the comments you leave on pictures and blogs are so funny and cute and perfect. i was cracking up looking at the flickr comments. love you, yeah for sisters! you and glory are unbelievably beautiful and amazing women.

The Hockmans said...

What a lovely ode to sisterhood, wish I knew what that was like. You girls are so beautiful, inside and out. Thanks for sharing!