Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"this is the best day ever"-Jarom

Jarom has been begging us to have a fire, and has been collecting sticks in a little box from our yard. So we found out where we could go do a campfire and had family home evening there. Jarom was just the cutest. So into making the fire and helping collect more wood and sticks. He was heard saying "this is the best day ever" a few times. We went up with our good friends the Andersons. So we all had a playmate.

Jarom was so filthy. We had him take a bath when we got home but his feet are still black after scrubbing them.

Making dinner

Oey hung out here for the first half of the night. I think he was a little afraid of the fire.

Rolling down the hill with Brianne. There was a big field that the boys played Frisbee on and we played duck duck goose. Oey loved bopping everyone on the head. He would laugh every time.

We had our fire across the river. When we first got there I said to Matt that we will be coming home with a wet kid and sure enough within 5 min. Jarom came walking to us wet.

My pyros

Michelle and I staying warm by the fire

Wild girls. I didn't realize that Bella was in a dressup or dressup shoes until after we left the house. Now that we have found a place where we can do this will be doing this more often. We love getting up doors as much as possible. We are so sick of being cooped up after a long winter. Here's to out doors!!!!!!!!!! We love it!


heather said...

what a perfect family home evening, i am so glad jarom finally got to have his fire! you guys are too cute. what a perfect way to get out into nature for an evening and have dinner outside! like a mini camping adventure, so fun!

Glory Watts said...

I bet Jarom will always remember this outing as one of his "best days ever". I can just picture Oey laughing and all smiles while participating in Duck-Duck-Goose bopping everyone on the head. I love that little baby!

spring said...

Oh my gosh, what fun. See what did I say, you guys took the time to find a gorgeous place where you could build a glorious fire for Family HOme Evening. At least write about for Friend magazine or whatever. You all have to share your adventures with the world Write articles for magazines. It's a start for an author, illustrator, photograher team! Other families will thank you for your good ideas!! Love you Nana

Shell Bell said...

I can't believe I found your blog on my own. I've read everything and loved it. You have done so many fun things that I didn't know you were up to. Brianne loved the video clips we had to watch them over and over. You have inspired me. I am now really thinking I might start a family blog.

Josh said...

Man Like Fire!

Shawn and Nadia said...

Amy, this is exactly what I look forward to! You have the loveliest family! I'm leaving you our blog link, I hope we can get together soon I haven't seen you in such a long time and we only live across the street from each other!

I hope you are well!

Tara said...

wow, Jarom is one happy little boy. how cute. but let's hope this "fire" thing is a habit he grows out of. ;) it must have been wonderful to get out!!

Sarah said...

Jarom is so cute! You guys are some cool parents for doing that! I think it's awesome, but I'm a pyro, too.

Becky and Danny said...

Looks like so much fun. That second picture Jarom looks so much like James. Where did you guys go?