Sunday, April 13, 2008


I was busy all week getting ready for my sister and her family to come stay with us. Our new guest room was our storage room like two weeks ago so it still needed a lot of work. In the end there was just too much stuff and not enough room. So I got a brilliant idea to have a yard sale. It's difficult to try and get your house clean for company when you are tearing it apart and looking under beds on bookshelfs, in the deepest darkest corners of your house, just seeking to find gold. Something you can sell and make a buck. Last year when we had our yard sale we also had a bake sale. It worked so well we had to do it again. So I also spent any free moment on Thursday and Friday making muffins, cookies, rice krispie treats and lots of signs to hang up and down our street. This bake sale is key. You get quite a few people who are not interested in one thing you have to sell and it gets awkward. We have found that this helps. No one minds spending .25 cents on a treat. So this way everyone leaves happy.

This year Jarom was our salesman. He was amazing. I wish I had it on tape so bad. He was so excited. As soon as someone was in site he would start yelling out his sales pitch. .25 cents! All this is .25 cents! Everything is .25 cents--right here, all of it! Most people would walk straight to him and buy something and then start looking around. I felt sorry for the poor souls who tried to take a different route. Jarom would not let up. And sometimes it wasn't like he was yelling to a whole group of people, it would be like one person. They would try and ignore him. Not possible. It was quite a hoot to watch. Mostly because Matt and I are not that way. We have no idea where he has come from. But we love it. All in all, it was a quick fun one. We sold all the big things that we really wanted to get rid of. I think the only things that didn't sell that had to come back in the house were our old snowboard boots. We will just put those up on craigslist.

Our one picture of the yard sale, that's my big b bending over trying to show that guy how you change the bike trailer into a jogger.

It all worked out great. Jenny and Dana were able to stay in a bedroom, no longer the junk room. We met up with them in Salt Lake and hung out at the park. For dinner since it was finally nice out we decided to walk down Center Street for a couple of blocks to a really yummy Indian restaurant. Jenny and I wanted to do a girls' night out. We couldn't think of anything really cool to do. So we decided to go to the movies. Bad idea. Again I am reminded that I live in Provo. Every ten o'clock movie is way sold out. We end up in super walmart looking for the perfect gift for her husband. Today is Dana's birthday! I got Dana the so cool golden grill you see him sport'n in the picture.

At the park, Dads with kids

Dana said this was the best birthday ever. You need to click on the picture to get the real view of the grill.

Today was another beautiful day. It feels like heaven. I can't get enough warm sunshine. We all went down and visited Great Nana and Papa for a few hours. The kids got to play on the playground in the backyard and enjoy spring. This is where we parted ways with Jenny and Dana. They were going out with friends for Dana's birthday. We didn't think we should go, since we have two sick kids. Poor O has a crazy eye. Jenny thinks it's pinkeye. I'm not too sure if I believe that, and if she really did she is one brave woman to stay at my house. I really hope they don't get sick. Bella has got the black lung and couldn't stop coughing. You can't have everything at once can you. For me, right now in my life it would have to be good weather and healthy kids. I know, I'm asking for too much. My good news of the day is that my little brother William had a baby girl today!! Sad that I'm not there- of course. I miss everything with the family being out here. But I'm so happy for him. He is just a young guy but has always loved babies. She was 8 pounds and 9 oz with loads of black hair. Dana will have to learn how share his birthday now. It kills me too because my kids have spring break this week. So I start to think, It's my lucky day I'm driving out tomorrow and meeting this new little fuzz bucket and I will finally get to meet Wendy, my little sister's baby that she had last month, and then Bella coughs. Can't take sick kids to meet newborn cousins. I don't know when we will ever get out there.

This is another one you need to click on the see if you can tell if O's eyes are puffy


the close up. O today is 1 year and 1 month and this is all his hair in all its glory.

Jenny and I

Cousins- Rowan and Bella

Another one you needed to click on to see the eyes. I couldn't get a good picture of it. I don't know whats wrong. Yesterday they were really gooky and we had to keep wiping them, at first I thought they were just sore from all the wipes, but today they were puffy with no goo.


spring said...

Sounds like you had the greatest weekend with Jenny and family. I wish I could have seen Jarom doing his sales pitch. Oey looks like it might be pink eye, poor baby. You can get some special drops for his eyes that are herbal, they're very soothing and don't cost much. I miss you and love you all, kisses and hugs...

Becky said...

Amy, how funny. You found me. I have seen your comments on other friends blogs, i.e. Glory and Janese, and wondered who is this Amy Beatty girl? It has been so long I didn't recognize your last name, or the picture, you know how small it looks on the comment page. I probably shouldn't reveal how lame I am. Oh well, too late. You have three kids? Wow, I still picture you as little Amy just dating Matt. You guys look wonderful. You live in Provo? I didn't know that. Quinn took care of you guys at Primary's? Did he do a good job? Anyway, so good to hear from you.

moonshinejunkyard said...

o man, i am dying over jarom at the yard sale!!! me and darin were both cracking up and we want to hire him to be our salesman at the next one we have too! he is such an intensely confident and smart kid, how did you get him to care so much about selling stuff, did you have to tell him he'd get a treat from the money, or was the fun of it (for him) just to GET the people interested? wow, i wish i would've been there. so did you guys make a nice chunk of money? i am inspired. our friends jacob and alisa had a yard sale this weekend and i think they made good money. it is so nice and refreshing to cleanse your home, we have so much, SO MUCH we don't need.

okay, next thing, oey's hair! oh gosh, so absolutely precious, that wispy blond hair, he is the blondest of the kids, huh? addie insists he is a redhead. i think maybe just barely tinged strawberry like mattie's beard. anyway beautiful boy, he is absolutely the cutest, i had a dream about him where he was the center of attention in a tuxedo that rustin dressed him in, and everyone around was just amazed by him. truly i think he is a special child. you guys are so blessed, what a wonderful family and how lucky to jenny and dana come. the picture of rowan and bella is so so sweet. bella's little face looks so angelic and loving. i like dana's grill too, and i think that MADE his birthday!

what is william's baby's name? i am so so happy for them!

sorry for the longest comment ever!

Glory Watts said...

How fun to have Jenny, Dana and Row-row come. I can picture you dashing around your house looking for any and all junk to get rid of. What a great feeling it must be to get rid of that stuff. How did you know how to price things? I'm just wondering since I'm considering having a yard sale myself so we don't have to move any of our unwanted items when we move. And the Bake sale...pure genieous! Sounds like Jarom has a future in sales.

About Oey's eyes...could it possibly be allergies? Zz's eyes actually did the same thing, and I thought it was pink eye that wouldn't go away. I found out it was allergies. Just a thought. Love ya!

bandini said...

I CANT BELEIVE HIS SWEETNESS(by this i refer to O.) also, yours. i cant wait to hang out with you guys some more, ESPECIALLY our havasu falls trip. but i do love coming out there so much, i truly miss it everytime we leave. HEY! thanks for calling emma and convincing her to go! that rules. so hard. love you sis.-joey

Jenny MacKenzie said...

We loved visiting you guys and hanging out in your happy and comfortable home with your sweet family. Rowan and Bella are such good little friends, I don't think I heard them fight once. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but Ro Ro seems fine, kind of a snoogy nose, but she had that before. Maybe Oey does have allergies, runs in the family you know. Carl, William and Sean suffer from it miserably, especially burning eyes.

You guys are genius to have a yard sale, however, I wish you had sold all the baked goods. I think I came back to Bend 5 lbs. heavier!

OK, so Amy, heads up, my birthday is coming up. Start thinking of all those wonderful, amazing things you want to say about me (hee, hee).