Tuesday, June 24, 2008

American River

Me and Heather, we got to the river late afternoon and had it all to ourselves

testing the water, a little chilly which equals perfection on such a bright sunny day

lizards in the sun, but way cuter

Joey at his finest moment

I love how Matt and I have got the same cool moves going on


heather said...

these pictures are so adorable! it felt so good to be there running around together and picking up litter and so forth. you guys are so much braver in the water than i am, i cannot believe you jumped in! daredevil! next time we will have to let mattie take his time exploring coloma, the marshall monument and the haunted house and the cemetery. he could never have enough time for all he wants to see and learn! anyway it was such a lovely afternoon.

mooncowboy said...

I love the American River! I miss it too, because I used to spend so much time there . . . There're tradeoffs I guess.

Heather, yes, I do want to explore so much of Coloma that I seriously cannot believe I have yet to explore! What a great vast amazing world we are part of!

We had much fun with this little gang.