Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good ole Placerville

Good bye salt flats

Got to Placerville at 5am, first things first, we walked down to the farmers market and I ran into my sister Dolly and our niece Wendy one of the newest additions to the family that I had been dying to meet.

my little sister Merry and her daughter Gloria at granddaughters day at my Grandmas

Big sis Jenny and her little love muffin Rowan

my Mom and niece Anna

Bella and Jarom playing at their great grandmas

Matty talking to Grandpa

Henry and Jarom. Henry is 6 months younger.


heather said...

good old placerville misses you guys!

each of your sisters is so beautiful and unique. your mom too! i loved hearing matt tell me about grandpa willard's stories. i am glad you guys got to have granddaughters day, what a cute idea. why is henry so tall???

Maria said...

We should plan a trip to Placerville sometime? :)

We missed you at the wedding but glad you were out having fun!

spring said...

It was wonderful having you here. I hope to see you all much more often! I love you all so much!

Josh said...

Wow! What a great trip! The Alpine Slide is Awesome I am a master at that thing and I have a few battle wounds from it. Ben has taken some great pics of me catching some good air. I have crashed out of the slide a few times and got a little road rash!