Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lavender days

Our third Lavender run

Matt and I both agree if we were to ever leave Utah we would have to come back every year just for this event. There's nothing like it in the whole world. You're up in the fresh mountain air, running in fields of lavender as the sun comes up over the mountain. I wish I could wake up to beautiful fields of lavender every morning.

Bella went to a fairy tea party where they played fairy, fairy, princess (duck, duck, goose) and ring around the fairies. They also had lavender lemonade and lavender cookies and when they were done they performed a little number the fairies taught them and with their empty tea cups got a lavender plant to grow.

big momma made it to the top. This was the first year I did it.

Little miss does it every year, and gets better every year

Jarom wanted to do the hard wall this year, he always goes barefoot

Got to love medieval rides, powered by man

pony rides

Animal lover

It was hot but still way fun and we'll look forward to next year


Maria said...

I've always wanted to do this run! Maybe next year we can join you!

heather said...

what a fabulous day! i want to do the fairy princess party with bella myself, the grown up outfits are unbelievably cute! is oey letting that burro smell his footie? so smiley and happy about it! and the kids are just brimming with joy in all these pictures. what a day. it seriously looks glorious. i want to go back with you guys when you do it next year!!! did you buy any lavender products? let's grow lavender on our future farm, lots of it, and make soaps and sachets and bouquets and lotions with it. and fresh lavender ice cream! i love it so much.

you guys are so TAN! looks like you are having quite a marvelous summer. kisses to you all!

Jaime said...

bah! I totally forgot about Lavendar Days. It was on my list of things to do before we leave Utah.... It looked beautiful and fabulous. You always motivate me to go out and enjoy life. Thank you for that.

spring said...

What a wonderful day for the family. The kids look like they had so much fun. You are an inspiration to all parents. What wonderful memories you are providing of a fairytale childhood (and great ones for yourselves too!)

Sarah said...

Gosh, where do you guys find all this fun stuff? I never heard of Lavendar Days. So cool!

mooncowboy said...

Lavender Days is rockin.

Glory Watts said...

O.k., I think I need to plan our next trip to Utah during Lavender days just so we can join you. Everything I hear about it just sounds so fun!!!

Do you guys have two joggers now?