Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smiths take over Lake Tahoe

We take over Tahoe every other year as a family. We always have the greatest time together. this is a photo of all the cousins minus the one in glory's tummy, which I think is a girl, because when I was writing glory's tummy the first time I wrote girl instead of Glory. yah, think about that. I think I have powers. It would be cool if she had a boy and proved me wrong, I would hate to worry about misusing my newly found powers.

Suzi, like always, has a fun craft for the kids. this year it was to make a visor, a big hit.

Walking to lake Tahoe.

Cousins on the beach. Tahoe is so nice because it is shallow for so long you don't really have to worry about the kids and the water is freshly melted snow so they don't stay in too long. But us adults on the other hand play a dorky looking game where we hit this huge big ball in the air and try and keep it up there. It's a big game of hot potato. So FUNNNN

You can still see snow on the mountains. poor O didn't get sunscreen on his face until too late. He got a blister on his right cheek.

Here we are together. Mom and Dad's Christmas card. And only three people missing. Dana will have no problem photo-shopping himself and the others in.

Walking to fallen leaf lake. We usually do lots of hikes as a family but because dad broke his leg we never walked over a mile.

Throwing rocks into fallen leaf lake. Brings back so many memories, and they are the best. We have been camping here for as long as I can remember.

Trouble. One of the nice things about camping in Tahoe is you get to cheat a little and eat out once or twice. This is Bella and Elijah getting in trouble, of course you take the picture first and then get them out. We sure know how to make people mad. It was a little awkward taking the photo in front of the parent who demanded to know "whose kids are these?"

We like jumping. Last Tahoe trip we found a hidden jumping spot off of cliffs, but you had to hike to get there. we really wanted to go this year but didn't feel right about leaving dad behind. This little mound of dirt kept us busy and happy. That's Paul flying pretty dang well for being over 6 feet tall.

us girls in order: Glory, me, kim and dolly. This was not the best picture taken but the worst. I thought you could have fun looking at all of our amazing faces, they make me laugh. they are too good- enjoy

we love mom and dad

Daddy-O. Walked across the beach to come watch us jump over and over again. I love my dad. I had been so worried about him and his broken leg. It was so nice to be able to see and hug him and see him doing so well. That picture you see of him is my big soft heart. I have been so blessed to have the most amazing dad in the whole world.

Our great helpers. They really didn't help put up the tent, but made great flower holders out of our tent poles

Peace out sisters. This was not planned, I think when we woke that morning we were thinking Tahoe + Family = peace.

Good morning with hot cocoa

Notice both of my kids love their visors, first things they put on when they left the tent

Some of us girls and our babies. It was so hard to part ways. I can't get enough of them. My whole family is my best friend, lucky me.


The Backman's said...

Amy send me an e-mail so I can give you an invite to our blog,

Spencer Backman

Carrie & Brandon Petersen said...

Amy I love the pictures. The family one is so fun to pull up full size and see everyone. I really want to go to the next family camp out with you guys. There is so many cute babies i love it. Maybe next year.
Love you!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh amy what a delightfully fun blog to read and see!!! i looked at every single picture in detail. who is the little girl with bella in the cocoa picture, is that naomi? her hair is so dark! i think i got all the names down except i mix up maya and sky. the kids are all so cute. i love the one of you ladies jumping. kim's face is hilarious! i love how scared everyone looks even though it's not too far down! your dad is so sweet in the pictures. it really got my heart too. what a good man he is, so happy and at peace in the midst of his beautiful loving family. family is truly the best thing in the world. you and glory have got the right idea, all intuitive and stuff, putting on your peace tees. i love it! what a great trip and amazing people!

crazy christensen family said...

Amy, your family is the coolest and I don't even know the extended version of it. Looking at your blog makes me want to go camping and plan more fub trips! you are a great mom!

Sarah said...

Oh, how I miss the Smiths! You guys are look the same, but different at the same time. Your dad is so cute! I'm sure he would appreciate me saying that. I miss Lake Tahoe, too. We used to go to Fallen Leaf lake, too! I loved looking at all of these pictures!

To answer your questions: Yes, it really is that green here. That first picture you saw is Adam-ondi-ahman. Pretty cool, huh?
And no, I wasn't blogging in the car, I was navigating.

The Hockmans said...

You are lucky thats for sure. I can't believe you got all thoes people, Kids in one place at one time for the family pic, amazing. Glory preggers, congrats to her. It looks like fun, miss ya!

spring said...

Amy, what an awesome family you have! I think it's wonderful how you get together for camping at the lake, or Yosemite or whatever. You are all wonderful people and great examples to me. Did I mention beautiful! Beautiful every last one of the Smiths, et al. I'm so glad you are in my family too. I love you honey.

mooncowboy said...

This trip was blasty. I have passion for Lake Tahoe, and the whole encompassing area, and it only grows. These sorts of trips should never be canceled! We have to convince your mom that we do truly love it. The effort is worth the reward.