Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gilgal Garden

One Saturday we were up in Salt Lake, rambling about, and I decided to find Gilgal Garden. We drove around looking and looking where I thought it was supposed to be (we even drove by it once without seeing it). When I realized we were lost, I called our good pal Brandon, and he gave me immediately perfect directions: "You can see it from the Chuck-a-rama parking lot."

Gilgal is a sculpture garden created by Thomas Child. It's LDS-themed and very strange and remarkable at the same time. It attempts to intertwine his religious convictions with his philosophy.

Here's my Flickr photoset of Gilgal. There's also an online virtual tour.

Captain of the Lord's Army

Jarom and The Sphinx--probably his most interesting and wellknown of the sculptures

Bella, Oey, and Monument to the Trade

The giant's head, part of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Jarom hugging the head (from the Last Chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes)

Count em


heather said...

these are seriously bizarre. is the face of the sphinx supposed to be joseph smith? i like the guy's spunk though, creating exactly what he wanted to tell the world what he thought and believed in. you gotta admire that kind of passion. weird to think this is just hidden in a random corner of salt lake. cities hold the strangest secrets.

spring said...

Mattie, I loved looking at these pictures with you when we were visiting. Next time I come I want to go see this strange and wonderful garden and the "This is the Place Monument". Utah has so much for your family to do. What a beautiful and diverse place. I love it too, I just wish it was closer to me. Love you honey,