Saturday, July 5, 2008

3rd of July

Walking to the carnival

Provo is insane when it comes to the 4th. It's just party, party, party non-stop. It's crazy fun. There's a million things to see and do and everyone comes, but the best part is we don't have to look for a parking spot!!! Almost everything is just one block over! Center street closes down and welcomes rides, carnival, booths filled with crafts, tons of vendors, sets up a couple stages for live music and awesome dancers and whatnot. There was a kids corner where everything was free. Face painting, animal shows, people gave you crazy hair dos, just everything cool for a kid.

Matty holding his little princess up to see the big snake

Jarom in a bounce house of course

He woke up

Waiting in line. We told the kids they could only go on one ride that we would pay for

And they picked the one ride you have to work at the whole time. You have to pump that bar the whole time and it makes you spin. It was really cute to watch

we stopped by our best friends' for a little firework show put on by Collin.


heather said...

ahhh! the kids look a bit nervous about the fireworks show. little cute faces all solemn. you guys are so lucky to have a carnival right next door! it looks so fun! did they get face paint or anything like that? did jarom touch the big snake? i will have to show that to darin, he'll be pretty impressed. by the way, that picture of oey is like the cutest thing i've ever possibly seen.

spring said...

Wow, what a great 4th of July celebration! That is wonderful that they really go all out for the 4th. What a huge snake! Did Oey like it too? Was there a parade and fireworks in Provo? You are all just the cutest. I love you all so much!

Sarah said...

Do you guys ever have a day where you just sit around the house?? It seems like you are always out doing some fun activities. How fun for your kids!

Maria said...

Thanks for coming to see us! Sorry we were so tired:) We will have to get together sometime soon!

Maria said...

About the sauce: Saute onions and garlic in Olive oil under tender...add in veggies. I like to use zuch, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, and sometimes artichoke hearts. When the veggies are soft add in diced tomatoes. Yes, I use them from the can! If you have a bunch of fresh ones you can use those, the can is just easier. Sometimes I do throw in half and half. Just eyeball how much to use. I never measure anything! Throw in salt, pepper, fresh basil. If I don't have fresh basil I use Italian seasoning or some dried basil and oregano. Fennel seed is sometimes good to use! It is a fun flavor for tomato sauces!!
Let me know if you have any questions.

mooncowboy said...

Heather, that snake was a Burmese python. 137 lbs. Sadly, we didn't touch it. Yeah, the 4th around here is a major, major celebration.

And Sarah, we actually did sit around the house--by all definitions of the phrase--on (most of) Saturday and Sunday, just to recuperate. It was really nice for a change!

Tara said...

I love how in the first paragraph you talk about all the wild crazy excitement and you get my adrenaline going and feeling totally hyper....and there's a picture of a sleeping kid. :) I'm glad Oey woke up!!