Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Ward pancake breakfast. Right on center st. Which is where people camp out and sleep to try and get a good seat for the parade.


Prime seats for the parade. Thanks to the ward. They laid out blankets for the kids.

Daddy's girl, Matt liked how the flag said made in China.

This group won best sound. it was also the cutest band out of millions

Jarom getting a high five. he kept waving and then doing a thumbs up. And then he asked me, "how do you get any candy here?" Very few people throw out candy.

Some princesses, charming, this is about as bad as it got. There are a ton of amazing floats, but of course we don't take pictures of those or of the big balloons.

The blue chick was my favorite, these are people who are the pre-parade.

Homemade cotton candy for a buck on our block

Our own fireworks show.

snakes are awesome

oey running away with our two lighters that look like guns. He would cry if he didn't have both.

My babies

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stadium of fire!

The boys liked dancers, they danced with basketballs and horses even ran out and around.

I guess that's what jarom thought of Hannah Montana. The kids really liked the blue man group.

This show was forever long. And at some points was really hard to watch because of all the ash and debris.

Just one of the many pieces that hit me. This one was the biggest- I think

We walked. Of course. We walk everywhere ,this was about two miles away. And we kind of didn't want to walk because it gets out so late but we were sure glad we did. people were stuck in parking lots for about a hour. This is a cool guy that was breakdancing in the middle of the street. We would have totally missed out on this had we not walked.


Sarah said...

Wow, you guys went to the Stadium of Fire? I never went, but I know that it is quite a show! Who was performing?
I checked out our little plastic flags and they were made in USA. I guess Utah sold out...but, then again, our parade was pretty pathetic.

moonshinejunkyard said...

hey you were not kidding when you said provo goes all out for the fourth. wowsies! this parade/pancake breakfast/camp out/cotton candy fest looks so freaking fun i want placerville to start up some family fun action! maybe things go on here that i just don't know about. but nothing of this magnitude, i mean, camping out?!! these people are INTO IT. i love it. you guys are so cute in all your reds, whites, and blues. the picture of all three kids just kills me. now i can go to bed with joy in my heart!

Heidi Daniels said...

Always a Beatty adventure going on! I couldn'thelp but notice - gas is only $4.02!! (there was a picture by a chevron station) and I'm very much envious. We pay about $4.70 for Jeff's new 2008 mazdaspeed3 cause it can't have anything less than premium. Wish we had a way to beam ourselves to utah, just for gas.

Heidi Daniels said...

Close! his dads name is Dan daniels. Either way it's still a tongue twister!

Carrie & Brandon Petersen said...

AMY YOU SHOULD'VE TAKEN ME TO THE STADIUM OF FIRE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! :] just kidding. But i'm glad you guys had fun! Your kids are adorable you should convince Carrie and Brandon to take Sarah and I to seven peaks so we can go with you guys :]

Kari said...

Such great pictures! What a fun holiday for you guys! Provo is great with all they have going on. I do miss that. I love Matt's flag comment about China. Ha ha. I also love the pics of your kids running around outside in their diapers. At least I'm not the only mom that has kids like that. So much easier to clean and less clothes to wash :) You guys are so cute!

Glory Watts said...

West Point Utah is all about the
4th of July too (of course there is no stadium of fire) I do really miss that. In fact while we lived there, the most favorite holiday amoung the youth in our ward was the 4th of July. I was surprised until I experianced the maddness that goes's the way it should be celebrated.
btw, did it hurt when the ashes and debri fell on you?