Thursday, July 10, 2008

5th of July

Up bright and early again. We about missed this. We were so tired.

It is actually really fun to see the balloons.

None of the balloons made it back. Which is very tricky for them to take off and land in the same place, it's something they never do, that's what makes this so special . I wanted to follow one of them and see where it would land. I imagine it just lands in someones yard, or school field.

More pancakes!

Goodbye balloons. We came home and I crashed for two hours and then Matt, and then Oey and then Bella and last but not least was Jarom. We were all up and ready for our day about 6pm at night.


Sarah said...

I saw one of the balloons land once--it was just in an empty parking lot over by the cemetary.
What a fun thing to do!

moonshinejunkyard said...

i love all your family shades of blues! i forgot to write in the last comment that i love the picture of matt and bella walking side by side with exactly the same stride, and she is so cute and straight faced like a little toughie. you guys must have slept good after all that. and now, more busy weekends to come! yeah! more blogs!

Jaime said...

So, Ashtyn wakes up every day at 6 AM, and we were planning on going to the balloons; BUT the only day she sleeps in until 7 is the only day we wanted her to be our alarm clock at 6! dang the bad luck.

spring said...

Those balloons are awesome, how big are they really? I actually thought they were hot-air balloons at first. How much fun is that. Another Beatty adventure to add to your memory bank!

mooncowboy said...

Mom-- Those *are* hot air balloons! It may not look like it because the perspective's off or something. Usually we get there while they're still being inflated and it's a lot more obvious. Anyway it's fun to see so many hot air balloons in one place!

Maria said...

That looks like fun! I want to go sometime...but up in the air!

Glory Watts said...

I'm alive!! I'm so glad I can rejoin the blogging world! I've missed seeing your blog. You all look so nice and tan in the pictures, especially your nice tan legs Amy! What a fun event!

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

I just got all caught up with your last like 10 guys do lots of fun things, how'd I miss all that when I was living in UT? I guess I was just in the wrong crowd. I want to ride in one of those balloons next year. Hook me up.

Stephy said...

I love how amazingly tired Jarom looks at the balloon festivity. You guys are go getters!!!
I totally love Oye's rat tail pics those are golden!
You are an Awesome blogger...I wish I could keep up but I don't have skills like you;)
I miss you and I love seeing your fam up dates. You have the cutest fam. Keep it up.
Luv Ya Bunches, Stephanie

Kimberly said...

I have officially nominated your family the busiest I have ever met. Your blog is so jam packed with activity. Who has time to sleep when you are a Beatty? I love seeing your cute family in action.