Tuesday, July 22, 2008

weekend in Vegas

I got to go do sealings in the temple, while the kids ran around.

We always look homeless. Oey and his nicey (his blanket) he is my little Linus.

found a handy dandy slide right in the entry.

A look out in red rock canyon. This is the place for hard core bikers. We didn't bring ours, but then again- we are far from hard core. So we drove around and took in the sights. I was too tired and it was too hot to hike. I think Matt was disappointed. But we sure did love the visitor center. The kids got to see a real live tarantula, and it ate a cricket!! My kids have a love hate thing with spiders.

At the hotel. The pool was the best thing about it. A little trippy to be so close to the sharks and fish. They also had a water slide that went through the shark tank.

We had too much fun looking at the sharks. When they would swim towards us we would do little screams because it really looked like it was coming to you and then it would turn at the last moment so it wouldn't crash into the wall.

This pool also had little waterfalls and a very nice place for O and I to hang out.

Oey loving the Fremont Street Experience light show

I posted this picture because it has khyl and michelle in the background. These are our good friends we went with, we always have the greatest time together.

A little visit to a piece of the Berlin wall in the men's bathroom at Main Street Station.

Watching the lions at MGM. They are so cute. When we came last year they were just little kitties. They are so fun to watch because they are just like normal house cats, but bigger.

tunnel in the M & M factory

M & M 3d movie

We got our fill of M&Ms and so did the guy behind us.

The fountains. Always a favorite.

I love Oey trying to squeeze his little head in there

This year

Last year. Oey was born like 24 hours after this picture was taken. Wonder why?


spring said...

Thank you Amy for telling us about your trip to Vegas. It looks so much fun! I never imagined it would be so interesting with so many fun things for kids to see. Again you guys amaze me with your adventures. When did you go to the amazing lookout? Was that on the way there. I love Bella's here in the pool, so cute. And I love the comparison pictures of you last year and this year! I'm so happy you have such great friends and such a great life in Utah, but I miss you guys so much. Love you all, Nana

spring said...

I meant to say I love Bella's hairstyle when she's in the pool, looks so cute and cool. Oey is such a little blondie and seems to be loving the lights and watershows. I bet Jarom was so excited to see the Sharks! Adventures for all! Kinda makes me want to see Vegas too, just for the sights. Maybe someday.

Shawn and Nadia said...

Wow! What hotel has a shark pool in it? I'd love to go there someday. in a hot place like Vegas there's nothing better than swimming. You guys are such a lovely family, I can't wait to see where you're next adventuring!

Maria said...

Another trip?? You guys are always on the go. I love it!!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Swimming with the sharks would have freaked me out too! Too cool!I've never been to the Las Vegas Temple but would love to go. Ben and I want to do a trip where we try to hit as many temples as we can!

Kimberly said...

ok, when did you go to Vegas because I thought you were in Placerville. I know I have said it before but I am going to say it again. You are the most traveled family in the Smith Family. You are so adventurous.

Sarah said...

That place is so cool! Vegas has so much fun stuff, but you have to know where to look. You guys know all the cool spots.

moonshinejunkyard said...

that all looked so fun, i love the m&m factory and the sharks and the light show and the whole shebang. i like bella's little pink keens, did you say you had to return them? i have a new appreciation for desert country since finishing desert solitaire. it is weird that a place like las vegas is set out in the middle of all that "emptiness" so you can get two very different kinds of adventures.

i SO SO SO love to follow your experiences through these blogs! thanks guys.

moonshinejunkyard said...

i forgot to say i think your friends michelle and khyl look cute and i wish you had a picture of the two couples together! next time. do they have kids?

Glory Watts said...

I LOVE the pregnant picture at the bottom! I love comparing stuff like that! It's amazing what can happen in such a short amount of time! Sarah is right, Vegas can be fun for families if you know where to go, and what's better than hanging out at the hotel pool watching sharks? Love you!

Sarah said...

Amy, we could totally put up your fam, if you are willing! We are just under 2 hours from Nauvoo and Carthage. Seriously, if there was a time to go see the sites, go in the next year when you have some friends to stay with!