Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oey Boy

Sad day at the beatty house. We will not be able to see this little rat tail.

snake tongue

duck fluff? again

He's a real boy!


heather said...

oh, so sweet and sad. did you keep the precious little lock? his hair is so lovely, i am starting to think maybe it will be curly, a tiny bit? you think? i cannot believe how blond he is and i want to pet the back of that head so bad i have to grit my teeth!

spring said...

Ahhh, what a sweetie. I'm sad he got his little sweet locks cut off. Does he have to grow up all ready? Did you cut it Amy. Did he hold still? It was a good job. Why does time have to fly by so fast? It seems like just yesterday he was born! Give all the grandbabies a love and hug from Nana.

Life on Pelican Street said...

rat tails rule!!

mooncowboy said...

Luckily, Oey's hair is still adorable (at least we think so), so no need to fret!

mikie said...

first post ever. and let me just say, I will miss the tail even though I never really got to experience it. Mine used to be called the mane, Mikie's mane. I'll teach Oey the ways of the mane.

Glory Watts said...

Zz had a "rat tail" just like that! In fact, while unpacking a box the other day I found it in a baggie titled: Zach's rat tail.
As much as I hate cutting hair off of my baby, I do love the little boy hair cut. It's like the very act of cutting that little strip of hair is the first real cross over from baby to toddler. I can't believe what a blondie he is!