Monday, October 20, 2008

Full Moon Rides

This was last Monday for FHE. We took the kids to Sundance for the full moon lift rides. Last year we froze but still had a great time. This year I wanted to really make sure we only had a good time. I hate being cold and I always worry the kids are cold. So this year we were prepared. This is the kids in layer #1.

Layer #2, very soft and cozy.

Layer #3, they were hot! I have done my job.

Bella in line for our tickets.

We felt welcomed!

Up, up and away. We all felt very warm and snug under all our layers and fuzzy blankets. Such a treat to be in the cold mountain air. At the top of the mountain there was some snow. We loved every moment of our ride in the night. Right in front of us there were a group of boy singers who sang amazing songs like I'll make love to you by Boyz II Men. And some other wondrous of wonder songs that I can't remember right now. It is fun to watch everyone that goes by and hear little tidbits of what they are saying. Lots of laughter. The best was when a chair passed the one in front of us going the other way, they knew each other and said hi and everything. But after it passed the chair in front of us it came by us and you could her the girl say, I'm so glad I didn't go with them, I knew they would be singing the whole time. I think the kids feel special when we take them to this because they get to stay up late and are basically the only kids there.

Our full October hunter's moon


heather said...

oh my gosh i am laughing so hard! your pictures so perfectly capture the warm layers and thus the feeling of gritty cold up there in the mountain air. and so, in her coat, bella is actually in FOUR layers! so cute. she looks cozy and happy, they all do. and then the boyz to men songs, oh wow, that one in particular always cracked me up, how it goes..."throw your clothes on the floor, i'm gonna take my clothes off too...." okay this dude is taking his gross sexy self a little too seriously! i remember the ridiculous video - what a way to convince a girl! did those guys sing the songs word for word?

anyway this adventure looks so fun - i am glad you guys take the kids and they feel special to be way up high in the cold late night october sky.

Kimberly said...

How cool is that. I guess I wouldn't move from Utah if they had cool things like that to do with your kiddies. You are such a fun family.

Life on Pelican Street said...

LOL!!!! oh man if you dont laugh at this post than somethings wrong with you. That was the funniest seeing each of your kids in every layer...Orion looked like he was gonna bust! But it def looked worth it, what a great experience!

Debbie said...

If there were prizes for The Most Fun Family you win!

Every time I read your blog I am just blown away by all of the great memories you a creating as a family.

Glory Watts said...

The more layers the better! You all looked like you had a ball. I have to admit though, I don't miss having to layer up like that, it was 82 degrees here yesterday, totally my kind of weather! I bet it was fun listening to those guys up front singing boys to men songs, I hope you were singing along ;)

Adie B said...

tis true. Ya'll win Most Funnest Ever Family Award. And Most Unbelievably Energetic Family Award too. I love reading your blogs, so very very much. Can't wait to have a fam of my own cause I gots such a good example to go by!

Please tell Jenny and Dana hi and i want to hang out with them so soon. Me and Arty should plan a trip there, Bend is so beautiful.

Thanks for making young families look like FUN and good hard work!
love you to deathhhhhhhhhhh


Sarah said...

That is too funny about that girl not wanting to go with the singers!
What a fun FHE!

Josh said...

I wish I knew about this. This would have been awesome to go to.

Maria said...

Looks so fun but maybe too cold for me:)

Becky said...

You guys are so fun. Always doing fun things. Amy, will you email me all your fun ideas. I feel like such a dud sometimes, and then I read your blog, and then I really feel like a dud. :) You guys are great.

Sierra said...

you and your family do the best adventures. You are so inspiring to me to do more!
We miss you guys, you are so much fun to be around!
Great moon pictures, seriously I have never taken a good moon picture!

Anonymous said...

Awe!! How fun! I've always wanted to do that!

Harris Family said...

Beattys- glad to have your blog! Looks like a lot of fun. We should come down and see you in provo. youa re brave to do that ride- it looks cold but fun:)