Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun till the sun goes down

We signed up for a family art class on Friday night down at the Discovery Museum in SLC. We had such a blast, and I can't believe we haven't done this sooner. Plus it was our lucky night. We were the only ones there so we got the teacher and three helpers to ourselves. We had a nice lesson on Peter Max and then tried to create one of our own using his style. Jarom started strong but could not keep it up, the museum was calling his name. A little disappointing since earlier that same day he took more time decorating a empty toilet paper roll.

Bella and I hard at work.

Oey and Matt stumbled in after Oey got to play with the museum toys for a bit, can't blame the kid. That place is just loaded.

Art is the eye of the beholder. The art hanging up between Matt and I is one of Peter Max's.

We were at the Gateway and it just so happened that earlier that week I had seen a little clip on tv about the new eatery at the Gateway called The Counter. It has all kinds of burgers, and the most amazing garden burgers. We just had to try one.

Saturday the Children's Celebration of the Arts (by the Covey Center) was going on at Pioneer Park with the farmers market. They had about 50 different tables set up with a million crafts for kids. Bella and I had fun making a princess crown while the boys hit the farmers market.

Jarom had $1, and he searched the farmers market over to find the best snowcone for a dollar. That's what he got.

We left the farmers market and rode straight to the Utah Lake Festival. Oey's loving his ride.

They had a couple different games the kids could play

And poor Jarom didn't win

Our favorite stop on the river

Oey's turn

Last stop, the Pony Express Days Carnival way out in Eagle Mountain. The kids all LOVED it. What kid doesn't like rides?

Oey kept slipping way to the side and the dear young worker would get worried and place him back on top. That happened 3 different times.

Such a cute humble carnival in the middle of nowhere. Took us over an hour to find it and we had to stop and ask about 6 different people. The setting sure was pretty and the kids thought it was well worth it. I was getting a little carsick with all the turning around and being lost, but in the end I love seeing my kids' smiles.


Elijah and Jenny said...

You guys sure no how to pack it in! Fun, that is. It is always amazing to me how much you can fit into a day. Love the adventures! Such a great a little family-

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh oey's face in the swing picture and then on the ride is just priceless. talk about knowing how to pack in the fun! that kid just takes endless joy out of life. they all do really. like jarom's face in the waterfall ones. i LOVE the little crown you guys made for pretty...i want to learn! how do you find out about all the goings on? like that little carnival...sounds like it was pretty far out of town, how did you hear about it? i have been craving a carnival with a ferris wheel. of course we do have the el dorado county fair coming right up. wish you guys would be here. everything is more fun with kids! love you all.

Sarah said...

So that was one day? I don't know how you can do all that, but I admire and envy you!

Momma said...

What a wonderful pre-summer day! My grandbabies all look so happy and wonderful. I miss you all so much. Give everyone loves, hugs and kisses from Nana!

Life on Pelican Street said...

Always Fun Fun Fun! Your painting was my favorite!