Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunny California

Joshua Tree. One big playground for kids and adults alike!

O and I got left behind when they had to go climb higher.

Family tree, and about the only shade around on this blazing day.


Jarom and Bella taking their Jr. Rangers oaths very serious.

As you can imagine we were ready for the beach, but it was a good 25 degrees cooler here. Didn't stop them.

But the breeze was plenty cool for me.

At our favorite campsite at Point Mugu, we were so pleased to get the same site as last year. Eating our lunch that we picked up from the Claremont farmers market.

Took a nice family shower during an earthquake. The kids picked out some coloring books and books from the local dollar store. A little storm came in and so did we. It was fun though, no messy camp fire. Instead we got to read a fun star book that glows in the dark and has all the constellations' background stories. So we got to read about Orion, and then we read our own astrological signs.

Good morning buckwheat!

Bella's birthday. They can't wait to see what's in those gifts!

My lovely little Bell is 5!

Wanted to try on her new dress.

And there she is in all her princess glory!

Disneyland main street

My family. I think this is the only whole family shot we got the whole trip.

Dancing away

The boys met Goofy while Bell and I went to meet some princesses!

Bella was so excited but nervous to meet them, it was funny to watch. You can tell she was pretty stiff.

Two Belle's

And here is the favorite, all of our dreams have come true.

Teacups with my Birthday gal

Daddy acting like he is dying!


Bella leaving like royalty. She and Oey passed out the moment we walked out of the park!

Calico here we come!!

woo hooo

we're here

you're coming with me

My girl and her new friend Rosa

a house made out of bottles

Old timers

Train ride.

Mine tours

Loving learning and walking through history with the kids.

It's weird that people lived down here, and got filthy rich here!

Gold panning!

A baggy of fool's gold.

Bella's birthday volcano in the MGM at the Rain Forest Cafe! A tradition we all love.

Happy critters. They won treats by singing into the microphone at the M&M factory. Here are their singing videos:


moonshinejunkyard said...

i LOVE that you can hear bella go "daddy i'm shy." but she does a great job...they both do!

i am so glad you guys had such a blast. one of these days i want to camp at point mugu with you even if it rains. and by the way what's this about taking showers during an earthquake? for reals? could you feel it?

love you all! thanks for all the wondrous pics.

Life on Pelican Street said...

Every single time I look at your blog i think to myself..."How the heck do they have time to do all this cool stuff" Tell me how many hours in the day do you guys have over there in Utah? Cause we only have 24 and 6 are wasted sleeping! You guys rock. Think of the memories your little ninos will have there whole lives!

Lisa said...

My first thought was I am sad that you were here in California and I didn't get to see you! That's okay, next time. Looks like you guys had a pretty booked itinerary. So much fun- can't imaging why your kids passed out!

Heather said...

so so fun!!! love how your whole family does a ton of trips and fun adventures together. I loved Bella's birthday at disneyland, and her dress is perfect...she looks a lot older!

cute family!

Elijah and Jenny said...

SO FUN!!! (you've got some great little singers)

Kim and Tyler said...

wowzers your kids are so big! I haven't seen them since the older two were widdle babies!