Friday, June 26, 2009

A little bit of everything!

Our cool new pool, really not cool, just don't tell them.

One morning I noticed I couldn't see Orion's eyes

Or Jarom's. I pulled out the scissors- scary!!!

Celebrated the new dos with a trip to the aquarium. You can see I fixed his hair, something I never do but had to to cover some weird spots, so sorry Jarom!

Bella didn't get a haircut but I did brush her hair.

And for my little O, he just got his bangs cut. I'm not up for tackling his mullet.

Walking in the Pleasant Grove children's parade. Steph was in town with her 5 kids and no husband so I got to hold her baby, and she got to hold her wild child.

Samantha and Orion. I think they look like cousins.

The girls.

Jarom and Dax

O, he melts my heart with that face.

Rodeo with the cousins, it ended up raining on us pretty good so we left early.

This is our first rodeo visit, but surely not the last.

At the Gateway fountains. We have been coming once to twice a week. We are playing a game at the Discovery Gateway museum where they give you a clue and when you answer it right you get a puzzle piece. The kids are really hoping to win the grand prize. It's been fun though. Every time we go to the museum I sign them up for a class where they have made diaries to Picasso collages.

Jarom with a dying fish. This is also in Pleasant Grove. My cousin Rachel lives here, so we hit up most of their activities . This is Huck Finn Day.

They flood this area and put fish in it for the kids to catch, they were so glad when we ran into Dax.

Cake walk treats

Bella brought a gift from home for London, so excited to bestow London with some old treasures


next we met up with Daddy at Thanksgiving Point for Dairy Days. Bell and Matt are making butter.

Now he is making ice cream! Homemade from a baggie it tasted so rich and creamy

The kids take a break from their coloring contest to eat their ice cream- yum

Petting the baby horse


Provo had a historic house walk and some of the houses let you come in and tour. So wonderful to see these old houses taken care of. All I can say is they do not make houses like they used to. More than ever do we want one of those beauties!!

This is for Glow. I just wanted you to see Oey in the same shirt that Grant, Eliza and Jarom all loved--that it is still in high demand.

Our ward campout was at the Spanish Fork reservoir, the kids and Matt could not resist a night swim. Everyone thought they were crazy and we all stayed cozy around the fire. They got our loyal buddy Kaleb to join them. It ended up POURING rain. It was a ton of fun.

Next day was beautiful though

Back to the water


Ali said...

You are such a fun family - look at all the awesome things you do!

moonshinejunkyard said...

SO MUCH fun stuff! seriously you guys really do run rampant without a doubt. that thing with the flood and fishies is kinda weird huh? did jarom get to keep his/eat it? anyway as emily and i were discussing, bella is always so adorable in all the pictures but this time around she is truly a superstar. what a through and through adventure-princess and stunning beauty! i like how in a lot of these pics all three kids are together, what a perfect little group of children. your hair cuts are very nice, amy, and they look so happy and healthy and wonderful. keep on raging in utah! i love you all with all my heart.

Amy Beatty said...

Don't worry Heather, that was not our fish. Someone else caught it. jarom wanted to catch one desperately though, and kept asking me to ask other people if we could borrow their net. Maybe next year he will get one. I thought playing in the water was good enough fun for them though. I wonder if he would go all the way and want to eat it? maybe that would change his mind about eating meat?

Harris Family said...

you need to tell me how you find out about all your local activites- we need to get involved more.

We would love to have you over- we were just thinking we need to do a BBQ with friends. we are going to cali on wednesday- so when we get back lets do it for sure!! ope all is well with you guys!

Paul and Rachel said...

It was so fun to see you Amy! Thanks for making the trek to Pleasant Grove. The cherry picking looked so cute and fun. If you're not doing anything for July 3rd Friday come to our cul-de-sac of fire, it starts at 5pm!

kayla said...

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