Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Clubbing!

This our very favorite club, that we started ourselves. Spiderman Club!! Oh yes, and Spider-Girl!

Swim class

They love it

Reading Club

Today they got to make boats and last week it was drums. We just love our local library.

A floaty boat and a paper boat!!!


Momma said...

Adorable! I love my little spidergirl and spiderboys! How cute all the darling clubs they are in. Love the local library! We've got Summer Reading Clubs galore here too! Miss you all so much, hope to see you soon, Love, Nana

moonshinejunkyard said...

what a bunch of utter and undeniable CUTIES!!! orion's hair is glorious like pure sunshine. keeping up with the sibs in talent, sparkle and pure adorableness i see. you guys do such fun activities. that pool water looks so refreshing, no wonder they love it! whose idea was it to make a spiderman club? oey's? did you make the shirts amy? great job if so. and last but not least, wow, nothing beats the provo library when it comes to fun kid activities. jarom's wacky crooked smile about his homemade boat in the last photo is priceless. you made my night!

Kimberly said...

Did Bella get her hair cut. It is so cute and Orion's hair is so long and blonde. That looks like like alot of fun. Utah is filled with cool things for the kids to do.

Heidi Daniels said...

I LOVE your kiddies! They're so adorable and they're growing up so fast! I love Oey's hair, it's bright blonde! I love little blonde babies! My Landy is turning into a blondie as well.