Sunday, June 7, 2009

Provo River Falls

Last weekend we drove out in the Uintas, out past Jordanelle and through Kamas. Our destination was Provo River Falls, a beautiful waterfall that was just churning out spring snowmelt. Everything was wet and green, and it was chilly up there in our mountains.

Where we live constantly awes us, as we are surrounded by so much different geography and scenery, desert and mountains and lakes and rivers and canyons, practically anything you could want. We've only ever driven through slight portions of the Uintas before on our way from Vernal to Flaming Gorge. It was really breathtaking--reminded me much of the Sierras, with river and forest and melting snowbank chunks and the big rising mountains--I immediately started making plans to camp somewhere out there. Soon.

a big cold wonderful waterfall

family photo by timer

walking the little trails downriver

Here's Bella, before she falls. She takes a slippery spill in the minute that temporarily sours her mood.

I went and soaked my feet in these therapeutic waters for as long as I could. It lasted about thirty seconds. The water was probably as cold as I could imagine. It gave me a headache--a bodyache maybe--that originated in my toes.

Bella, post-fall

a little beat up

wiggling and dancing dangerously

jarom and the waterfall


the cutest girls

She stepped gingerly everywhere. It was pretty muddy out.

There's nothing like drinking fresh snowwater straight from a mountain stream. Jarom and I were the only ones to try it.

We stopped by the nudist ranch at the way home.


moonshinejunkyard said...

bella is so cute and sweet how she is trying to be brave and smile after her fall. poor little thing, that would be scary for anyone! i am so paranoid at the river right now, like with sylvan there, the flow is still so so strong. but obviously so worth it to be out there and that place you guys found is gorgeous! exploring, always exploring. you're all amazing.

jessica said...

hey, where are all the pictures from the nudist ranch?

Heidi Daniels said...

A nudist ranch huh? I hate to say this, but I thnk if Jeff was single, and not in the navy, he'd proudly be a patron of that ranch! I don't get it, but some people just like to go Adam and Eve style!

dolly and teddy tell it like it is said...

tru dat to jessica's comment.

Momma said...

You are right, there are so many wonderful things to see and do near where you live! You are in the middle of outdoors country for sure! I'm so happy you guys are happy, that is what really matters in life! Love all the pictures and getting to see what my grandbabies are up to! Neverending fun and memories for a precious, precious family! I love you all so much, hugs and kisses, Nana