Friday, June 4, 2010

Point Mugu

Every year we camp at our favorite spot in the Santa Monica Mountains, Point Mugu. Right along a beach cove with our own private sycamores, yucca, sand dunes and canyons.

We set up our tent and rushed on down to the beach

Our own hidden passageway

We stayed, got soaked, got hungry. So we made our way back to camp. Jarom and Bella of course needed to bring their newfound friends with them.

Next morning.... back at the beach :) This time at Leo Carrillo, where we can find some tidepools.

Oey liked to climb all the big rocks

Jarom and Bella....

were on a mission

Gold! They got some cute little fellas.

We love camping here because you get the best of both beach and mountain. So of course we when we heard about a seasonal waterfall we were on our way up La Jolla Canyon.

Target... Aim... Fire...! I made the mistake of showing the kids how much fun weeds can be, they chased me up the whole mountain.

And here we are, the seasonal waterfall. Guess it runs for one season only. We decided to go a little further, there had to be some water somewhere.

Success!!! Found a little trickle of a stream and pond, full to the brim with little bugs and tadpoles.

Daddy showing Oey how to cook a tofu pup. One landed in the fire, anther one in the dirt and the last one finally made it to his mouth.

Oh, look. A little tree creature, who ended up getting stuck.

Goodbye to our favorite campground. We'll be back next year.


whit said...

Love camping:):):)

moonshinejunkyard said...

AHHHHH! this looks so fun, the whole bit from the seashore to the sand crabs to the weedsy hike to the waterless waterfall! amy i love how loveable you are with the kids, holding onto them and squeezing and running around and being pure fun and delight! okay, next year i have to join you for sure! i want to run through that little tunnel out to the beach and clamber upon rocks with o and cook tofu pups with mattie. you guys are the best and i can't wait to see you all. lots of love and kisses from me!!!!