Sunday, June 13, 2010

Emerald City


Kissing and ...

riding Lucy the pig

This market was full of unique wonderment and charm. We just dove in and took it all in.

Even did a tiny tininess bit of shopping

Something fun around every corner.

They stand AMAZED

Chewing our gum and adding to this work of art.

Our thrilling ferry tour, a view from the boat.

This little cruise boat was full of charm. Under every window has a hand painted table and every table had hand painted stools. All totally different. And check out that stained glass. It doesn't get any better than this. Oh wait, it does. Its name is the Sunday Ice Cream Cruise!!

Ignore the crazy huge smile. I was in heaven sipping my steaming chai hot chocolate, sitting on top of the boat loving in the gray misty clouds. A perfect combo.

Keeping true to its name the kids had to get some ice cream while on board. Here they are waving to passing boats.

Playing games inside, with the perfect view of the Space Needle out the window.

And right out Jarom's window is the boathouse from Sleepless in Seattle, just a fun fact photo.

Leaving the Fremont Ferry. Sad, but must move on.

Don't want to keep this guy waiting. The famous Troll under the bridge in Fremont.

Everywhere we went we ran into amazing art (Waiting for the Interurban).

Even found an underground Flea Market - SCORE!

This was better than my chai hot chocolate. I will HAVE to come back for this sprouted lentil salad at the Flying Apron.

Everyone told us NOT to do the Needle on an overcast day. So we saved our 100 bucks and Matt found this Rapunzel tower on top of a beautiful hill at Volunteer Park. So we enjoyed our private free view of the amazing city below. This city is truly an emerald, through and through.


Lisa said...

Yes, the Space Needle must be done on a clear day. Did you know that Jacob was born in WA? We lived up there for a year, but don't miss it a bit! It is a fun place to visit, though.

Kimberly said...

When do you have time to do all these things. Washington?? I had no idea you went there. You have the most fun as a family. And you bought a house. We are going to be up in a few weeks, Hopefully you will be in town and we can come to see you.

mooncowboy said...

You guys are coming out HERE! awesome and amazing. Let us know when, we will definitely love to see you. We are going to be in california for a while too, June 21 through July 11 (I will only be there July 2 through 11th though). For Yosemite among other things.

moonshinejunkyard said...

hey guys, what a trip! you got to have the full-on seattle experience. the gum wall pic, of the kids standing amazed, is my favorite...hilarious! also i love oey's close-up face in the troll picture and i want to say, i am in love with the trolls! the ferry ride is so cute, although it looks a bit cold for ice cream, amy i am way more with you on the whole chai thing. that big smile is the greatest. you guys are so rad and i can't wait to see you soon soon soon! also, thanks for the links. i have to say that fremont's website is like basically my dream website for a town and it's how i want placerville to be. or become or be becoming...i'm talking, hip, fun, friendly, sassy, and full of adventures, art, and good food! amy you look gorgeous eating your lentils and i want some.

mooncowboy said...

Heather, Fremont was definitely an awesome neighborhood, and your style for sure. you would love it, and I say let's go back! we didn't get to explore as much of it as I would've liked, plus there's a great trail that runs along the waterfront there that would be nice to walk/bike/etc.

Heidi Daniels said...

Seattle is nice, huh?! And the little walk on ferries, I forgot about those! You can walk onto the HUGE ones too. Glad you guys had fun!!

Tara said...

ew, is that really a gum wall??? yuck!! but the Sleepless in Seattle house - now THAT is COOL. :)

Michelle Rossell said...

yay for seattle!!! im glad you guys had fun despite the rain. ps the gum wall is right where my favorite comedy club was in highschool. ive contributed many a wad of gum to that very wall...