Friday, June 11, 2010

Beauty and the unseen Beast

We drove all night long from sunset to sunrise

found ourselves going through the most delightful little towns, and dreamed about living there.

On the road to the Beast. On a clear day you could see it from here (actually, the locals say you can even see it from the city), looming over you.

Had to add this picture since I made Matt drive back out of the park to take it :)

Mt. Rainier is overflowing with lush beauty (Carter Falls)

We had a wonderful time prancing through the park. We stopped at all the easy side attractions (here at Christine Falls), wishing we had more time to do MORE, much more.

Water is just flowing everywhere you looked.

Lunch at the visitor center. Where our jaws dropped when we saw where we were on the map. It was magical and very mysterious to be on such a beast and never be able to see it since it was totally covered in clouds. I still can't get over it.

Braving the snow. We are already in the works planning our trip back. Can't wait to mountain goat this place over.


Suzana said...

so cool! my dad has climbed mt. rainer a bunch of times (and almost died doing it) so i appreciate that massive beast!

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh when you go back WE WANT TO GO WITH YOU! darin and i have "tried" to go to Mt. Ranier twice but we weren't brave like you, when we saw it covered in fog, rainy mist and snow we turned around and headed back to the islands. but we'll tackle it with you guys anyday! let's meet up there. it looks gorgeous. i remember when we were there we found this little caboose in the woods that you can stay in for cheap if i recall. we took all these topsy turvy backroads to seattle. washington state is so so beautiful; and ryann is going to be living in walla walla so i'm thinking MEGA ROAD TRIPS!

i can't believe it got snow and you girls in your sandals, crazy!

mooncowboy said...

Yeah, we got some nice dirty looks and mumbled comments by employees due to our uncovered nature, sandals and shortsleeves!

Heather have you been to walla walla? Such an awesome town. why's ryann going there, is she going to Whitman? it's only two hours from Baker City--another place i know you'd love.

i think the caboose-town you're talking about is Elbe, we drove right through it. lots of cute backwoods towns right in the towering forests up there. so beautiful. please PLEASE let's go back. it's as spectacular a place as any.

whit said...

I'm so jealous of all your outdoor adventures!! I love being outside. The pics are beautiful:) And your kids... Miss um, love um!

Heidi Daniels said...

Seth and Cody got to the summit, then got stuck in a blizzard and had to climb down after 24 hours, yikes! Yes....Sorry guys, we see people with sandals and flip flop and if it's not mid-July, we give them a "ok, YOU are a tourist" look! It's just cause we know how flippin' cold it gets here! ANd Rainier is always about 20 degrees colder! Come again in the summer, seriously!! Before school starts, rainier will have NO snow, and you'll be able to see if from our house ;)

mooncowboy said...

Heidi: I kind of thought it was supposed to be summer, at least early summer. I was wrong. I thought it would be rainy, but didn't realize how cold (okay, it wasn't THAT bad). We should definitely come back during the summer. Sadly that probably won't be THIS summer, but some summer soon to follow.